Update on Tags [was Adding tags to many Cafe Threads to organize them better]

Trying out the tags system in discourse. It looks pretty useful.
You should start seeing tags in The Cafe like:


Clicking on these tags will pull up all the threads tags the same. Almost like a sub-forum.

All of this is manual, so I am sure to make some mistakes. But I would appreciate feedback and will consider some additional tags going forward.

Other tags I’m using: netflix, amazon, comic-strips, comic-books.

Adding celeb-rip tags. Changed to celebrity-death*, the change works great.*

2 bad side-effects. Some posters are getting notification there threads are having tags added. Also adding tags bumps threads. Unexpected behavior.

How to find all the Tags:

All Tags For The Cafe

celebrity-death x 143
tv-shows x 123
netflix x 98
food-cooking x 42
movies x 38
music x 30
disney-hulu x 24
amazon-prime x 17
books x 15
middle-earth x 11
reality-or-game-show x 6
comic-books x 3
comic-strips x 3
hbomax x 3

I could also use some help testing.
I need someone to create a thread in Cafe and see if they can use an existing tag.
I think that might be allowed by the software.

Please report back.

Unpinned this thread and bumping it.

Could someone please try start a thread in The Cafe and seeing if you can use a tag also.

These 3 tags will be good for a lot of The Cafe threads:

In case of a Celebrity Death, celeb-rip.

Adding Tags for a new Thread (new Topic) should look like this:

Test is successful and many thanks to LSLGuy.

Going forward, in The Cafe if posters creating new threads could also choose a tag if appropriate it would be appreciated. I’ll add new tags if desired.

I’m going to add music & books shortly. Though I’m not going to add tags to a bunch of older threads, that caused enough chaos last night.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think these are necessary. At least not on every thread. I don’t need the tag “tv-shows” on a thread called “Most Revolutionary TV series”. The thread list looks really noisy now.


Its does give added functionality though. Click on tv-shows and get a subcategory of everything tagged tv-shows. That is the idea.

I just noticed these. I don’t think they’re intrusive or clutter-y. And I fucking LOVE organization!

Just FYI when you tag a thread the OP gets notified that you edited, but doesn’t exactly say why.

I know and sadly I can’t control that part. So I am trying to do this like removing a band-aid. A whole lot all at once and then stop for an extended period.

I’m not sure if I’m doing any more after the Disney+ Hulu tags. I might be done tagging.

I’m sure it’s addictive :slight_smile:

I want to thank everyone.

I’m organizing the Cafe Society Forum on the Straight Dope with Tags and catching people off guard as every time I tag a thread it notifies those watching the thread that the thread has changed.

I was expecting some bitching and moaning when people got the messages and emails. That was my general experience back in my days at another board.

Instead posters are taking it well and helping out. Refreshing.

Thank you all.

Do we have enough Anime threads to justify an Anime Tag?

Is anyone using the tags?

I saw a few people adding them on their own so that’s cool.

So 4117 tags have been added at this point.
I’m providing a table of them sorted alphabetically and by number of threads tagged. I generally check every new thread in The Café and The Game Room. The tags are overwhelmingly in those two related forums.

They are catchalls to give these two forums subcategories.

Tag # Tag #
amazon-prime 37 food-drink-cooking 605
apple 11 music 547
arts-crafts 32 tv-shows-scripted 518
baseball-mlb 112 movies 477
basketball-nba 25 celebrity-death 265
beer-wine-liquor 49 books-writing-myths 249
bicycling-cycling 8 netflix 153
board-card-word-game 39 video-games 136
books-writing-myths 249 baseball-mlb 112
boxing-wrestling-mma 8 disney-hulu 94
cartoons-animation 64 football-nfl 80
celebrity-death 265 middle-earth 75
college-sports 2 cartoons-animation 64
comedian-jokes 42 reality-or-game-show 57
comic-books-manga 53 comic-books-manga 53
comic-strips 32 commercials 52
commercials 52 beer-wine-liquor 49
cricket 5 hbomax 45
dance 1 comedian-jokes 42
death-pool 41 death-pool 41
disney-hulu 94 board-card-word-game 39
documentary 18 amazon-prime 37
factual 9 arts-crafts 32
food-drink-cooking 605 comic-strips 32
football-nfl 80 football-soccer-fifa 32
football-soccer-fifa 32 olympic-sports 30
gardening 4 basketball-nba 25
golf 14 documentary 18
hbomax 45 rpg-war-games 18
hockey-nhl 17 hockey-nhl 17
horse-sports 3 golf 14
middle-earth 75 toys-models 12
middle-earth-game 9 apple 11
movies 477 radio-podcast 11
music 547 factual 9
netflix 153 middle-earth-game 9
olympic-sports 30 bicycling-cycling 8
photo 3 boxing-wrestling-mma 8
racing-auto-boat 7 racing-auto-boat 7
radio-podcast 11 tennis 7
reality-or-game-show 57 cricket 5
rpg-war-games 18 gardening 4
talk-variety-show 3 horse-sports 3
tennis 7 photo 3
theater-plays-stage 3 talk-variety-show 3
toys-models 12 theater-plays-stage 3
tv-shows-scripted 518 weed-pot-marijuana 3
video-games 136 college-sports 2
weed-pot-marijuana 3 dance 1
TOTAL 4117 TOTAL 4117

**Clicking on a tag will give you a list of all threads with such tags. **
Here is the list with the links: Straight Dope Message Board

I believe I’ve entered over 3000 of the 4117 tags. I do make mistakes at times. Let me know and I’ll fix them of course.