What are all these "What_Exit" edits I keep seeing? Or not seeing as it is? [TAGs]

Old threads of mine keep getting notifications that What_Exit has edited them. I see nothing on them.

What is going on? Here is a picture.

He’s slowly erasing you from history. We have always been at war with Mahaloth.

Note: That Stan Kirsch one was 5 years ago!

I’m getting some kind of “tags” added for some reason?

Me too. I keep getting notifications.

@What_Exit what’s happening?

Crap, I’m tagging Cafe threads and apparently it is spitting out notification like it was an edit.

It’s OK. I don’t mind the tags, but would love it if it would not notify me. I kind of use the notifications, one of the best things on this new site, as a way of seeing what I need to read and respond to.

I don’t see a way to suppress that. But I’m done for the night. Probably will only do newer threads for now on.

This was just to get started.

I’m glad I saw this. I was literally writing a new thread about it right now. I was about to hit submit and stopped to look something up first.
Guess I have an answer now.


When choosing either tag from the Tags page my thread appears (now) as the topmost = newest one.

Thank you, fuller response in your thread.

Interestingly, tags by default are global, not local to a category. So in that sense tags are orthogonal to categories. i.e. the tag “tv-shows” can be attached to threads in GQ, QZ, CS, etc. And all such threads from all categories will be pulled up when the tv-shows tag is accessed.

I see we already have a bunch of test / junk tags. It probably behooves TPTB to give a little thought to the overall shape of where they want tags to go before creating a bunch of them with no coordination. Lest we end up with a situation akin to twitter hashtags, where the first cut bad ideas get enshrined and later more nuanced arrangements are lost in the noise.

It also appears that tags can be set up local to just one category or be restricted to a subset of specific categories. IMO that too warrants some prior planning because I bet you can’t go back and restrict a tag after it’s been used outside your hoped-for restriction.

I’m going to look into the forum restriction part. That is what I’m really looking for.

I want the Cafe tags to be fairly broad in scope.

One nice things, Tags can be renamed. So that makes getting this started easier.

I believe those were from the users who got unintentionally promoted to Level 3 (most of us are level 2, which just means we’re not newbies who are level 1) . One of their privileges was making new tags, and since tags weren’t being used, they just had some fun making silly ones.

I’ll also go ahead and ping @codinghorror to ask if there’s any way for a mod to add tags to old posts without it counting as the thread being updated.

Oh shoot, did all of the dumb tags I made end up in a database for everybody?

Enjoy my terrible tag puns, y’all!

No problem Johnny_Bravo, I just cleaned out the unused tags. Not hard to do thankfully.

Thanks BigT, any additional information on the Tags will be helpful.
Maybe codinghorror can tell me how to restrict tags to one Category or Forum as we call them.

ETA: So I moved the Cafe Society Tags into a Tag Group simply called Cafe. I think it will take an Admin though to restrict tags or tag groups to a specific Category (Forum)

FYI: Doing a lot of Amazon Prime & Netflix tags.

So I will be adding tags to the Game Room,

  1. Just adding tags and organizing them for the game room
  2. Make a Tag List entry in the Game Room Forum rules.
  3. Begin tagging.
TAGS for Game Room
baseball-mlb basketball-nba football-nfl hockey-nhl baseball-mlb
horse-sports auto-racing tennis golf
rpg-role-playing video-games board-card-games
football-soccer-fifa college-sports death-pool celebrity-death

All the Tags