I'm getting notifications about comments that were never made [Tags]

In the past few hours, I’ve received several notifications:

  • What_Exit replied to (my thread about Lionel Messi’s contract)
  • What_Exit replied to (my thread about NFL teams playing with one player less if ejected)
  • What_Exit replied to (my my thread about how many red cards it takes for a World Cup team to forfeit a game)

But each time when I click on the thread, there were no such new comments at all, despite the notification. And each time, it was What_Exit - no other poster is generating false notifications. Maybe something is wrong with his account and causing it to generate erroneous messages, or this is a symptom of a bigger flaw with the board software overall?

@What_Exit is attaching tags to most threads in Cafe Society. If you’re starting threads there without putting the appropriate tags on them, that’s probably what’s happening.

Further, if you’d like to summon him to ask him what’s up, better to @ his name than just bold it. Otherwise he’ll have no idea you’re talking about him.

See here for more:

Thank you LSLGuy, appreciated.

The bumped threads are all in the game room. Tags are being added slowly through the day. More tomorrow and maybe Friday. Then I will only be tagging new threads.

I updated the Game Room rules with a post about this and also the ATMB thread about the tags. In fact it was the 2nd thread in ATMB when you posted yours.

All the details:

Ah, gotcha, thanks. I had thought it was a glitch.

It kind of is a glitch, tagging shouldn’t send out notifications but we have no control over that setting at this point. So for a few days I’ll be bugging game room posters.

Well, uh, the notification says it was an edit (the notification has a pencil icon instead of an arrow or quotation marks).

Normally in Discourse you can click the little orange pencil next to the OP and see where What_Exit added the tag. In fact I was the OP of one such topic and I can see the edit by clicking the orange pencil next to my original post. But normally anybody can see the edit history (I can’t think of a good reason to disable this behavior, but we have it so you can only see edit history for your own posts - probably from TubaDiva trying to replicate vBulletin functionality).

So, at least that explains why Discourse acts the way it does.


All death-pool threads are getting tagged today.

All the tags for the board are listed here: Tags