testing my tags

I just loaded up dozens of tags. This is a great feature.


I added ‘spib’ I trid to add ‘single malt wallpaper’ but it won’t let me.

Whoa!! You can even add stuff quoted from other threads. This is almost as cool as image tags would be!

So anyone can add tags to threads? Does this run the risk of being abused (ie anonymously adding an inappropriate tag to a thread)?

Anyone can remove them too.

I can’t remove ‘spib.’

That is not correct.

The OP can add 5 tags. Anyone else can add 2. Only the user that added the tags can remove them. (Well of course Mods and Admins can too.)

Anyone could post two tags? So potentially a thread could have 100 or 200 or 1000 tags?

Well, I am not sure, I haven’t tested the limits and I am not a vBulletin expert.

We could all trying adding tags to this thread as a test. If we get to 20, I think we will know there is no major limit.

(I don’t like the fact that signatures are currently defaulted on)

Donated my 2 tags to the thread to see how many it holds.

I added 2 tags as well. I don’t like having the signature set as a default either. I imagine that was an oversight.

Imagine the fun that could be had if thread prefixes were enabled …

The tags seem to have gone away. What gives?

What the heck are tags?

They’ve been disabled for now. Someone added “retard” as a tag to one thread, so we’re leaving them off until the staff can discuss how–or if–they should be implemented.

Exactly the concern I expressed in post 5. The tag feature would open this board up to anonymous trolling, IMO.

I thought since it apparently remembered who put what, that the admins could see who wrote the tags. And if it wasn’t anonymous the same rules that apply in the forum section would apply to the tags. Though if they’re anonymous they will probably not work.
ETA: Hey SkipMagic any word on the groups function?

At this point, that’s what it looks like. I didn’t see where we could tell who created which tag, and a search of the vBulletin forums also seems to support that idea. There are a few third-party add-ons which show who created the tags, but it doesn’t seem to be a native feature.

We’ve held off on any decision regarding those until the board is fully functional and not just in a stage of repair. Jerry’s doing an excellent job, and we don’t want to unintentionally hamstring him by turning on features that may or may not cause a problem with his fixes (or give false positives if he’s trying to track down a problem). But as soon as he gives the okay, we’ll look at all of the new features and get back with everyone.

All good and thanks for being so forthcoming with answers. It is appreciated.