Test (With My New Password)...

This is just a test post, with my new password.

In case you don’t know, the SDMB was recently hacked. Picking a new password is strongly recommended.

The rest of you can use this thread for the same purpose, if you wish.


Okay, why do we need to post to see if our new password works? :confused:

Why ask “why”;)? Seriously though,I don’t know, maybe it’s not necessary. But I just like to make sure everything works.


So…how do we know that you’re the real Jim B.?

I for one am really interested in seeing what the fake sweetie pea gets up to.

I just tried your old password. Nope, it’s not working anymore.

I changed my password and now I can’t post!

Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

How does he know?

Just to see if the new password really, really works.

I mean, to see if it really really really really works. Not just sort of works for some purposes but maybe not for other purposes. Gotta see if that thar new password really really works, y’know, for everything that one could ever wish a password to really really work for. Just making really really sure and all that. Gotta test thoroughly! With lots of exclamation points!!!

Me too. Now I know that my brand-spanking new password really really works too.

Whenever I remember to use it, that is. I’m still typing my old password almost every time and getting reminded that that really, really, really doesn’t work any more.

The only way to be sure your new password works for everything is to see if you can use it to change your password.

Whereupon, every time I try that, my new (now old) password doesn’t work for anything else anymore! But the new new password works. Until I test that by using it to change my password again, whereupon <go to start of paragraph and repeat>.

Now what are we supposed to do about that?

ETA: The real Senegoid would never post such non-sense!

Please use this thread to post your new password so I can log in as you and verify that your account is working properly.

I find this doesn’t upset me NEARLY as much as the Target thing did. Any bets on how long it is before I have to do a password retrieval because I’m not going to remember the new one?

(Actually, my computer remembers it for me or I’d never get logged in.)


I just tested it thoroughly and determined that it works. Now you, drewtwo99, can test it for me too. Oh, wait. Oops. The thorough testing process has resulted in it not working any more (as I described a few posts above).

This thorough but destructive password-testing protocol still needs a few bugs worked out.

I just tried your new password and can verify it’s working okay.