Test your toucnj typing abiluty...

Go ahead and test your avilitu to type withour lookinf at the keyboard at aoo withour making any corrections.

I see, to have gotten mush cetter at this since the last time /i tried to so it.

Still not perfest, but hery, at least I’m improcing.


What would you like me to type about? I haven’t tried this in a while. I think I"m doing okay, but I’ll have to look a tthe screen now and see.
After looking:
Hmmm, not too bad. I know that I’m doing a lot better on this computer than I would on any other one, though, since I’m so used to it.

God, grand me the serentiy to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Hmm. Two mistakes. Not bad for someone who hasn’t had a typing class in over 20years.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

How many mistakes was that??

My husband will stand behind me as I type and watch in awe. (It helps that he doesn’t read English very well so it adds another veil of mystery to the whole thing!)

I went back and corrected twice in that last sentence by the way.

I’vw necer not lookesd at the keys. I;m amazws I’,m doimf this well ! I startes oyt as ajunt ans peck sort.

I’ll give it a whilrl:

Touch typing has not been an issue for me ever since I got my first professional job doing helpdesk work at a well known technical company. We were required to log each and every call we received, so I got very fast at touch typing.

How was that? I didn’t even look once at my posting.

I tend to type better when I touch type than when I look at the keys because it fotces me to slow down to rememver where the keys are. Normallu I type faster than I think, and I het reversed letters all over the plave. That said, I obciously don’t touch type enough, judging from this paragraph :stuck_out_tongue:

This would woek better is the keyboars was centered peoperly. Thing’s also too high…maybe Mom was right about this desk.

Maru had a lirrle lamv. iu’s fleebe was whiye as snpw
hmm i’ve got some way to go.

Weird. I actually keep my keyboard under my desk while I’m typing. I actually do worse (and am a lot slower) when I look at the keys.

I’m a hard core touch typist. The keyboard I use here at work doesn’t even have anything printed on the keys. Not even for the punctuation or function keys.

And at home, I have an IBM Model M keyboard that I first got in 1988, where I removed the keycaps for cleaning a few weeks ago (it’s incredible the scum that can build up on a keyboard over nearly 18 years of use) and then put back in a completely random way. (I should take a picture of it!)

I can keep this up for wuite a while without making too many mistakes. But I see that there are plenty of Dopers who can kick my sorry butt. Still, considering my touch ruping technique sucks ass, I don’t do too badly.

Alright, typing, typing…it’s pretty damn hard to actually think of something to type whewn you’re doing this, isn’t it?
Hmm…only one mistake, and I knew i’d made it when I did it. So not too bad. :slight_smile:

Well, whatever you do, don’t think about monkeys!

…you did just now picture a monkey in your head, didn’t you? :smiley:

Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim. This is a practice sentence I remember from a typing class I took in the tenth grade. That was thrity-six years ago. I am so freakin’ old!

How’d I do?

Are you kidding?
You people see what I come up with even when I’m looking at they keys!

I’m far from hardcore when it comes to touch-typing, but I taught myself to do it back in the mid-late 80s when I discovered I’d picked up enough speed (and had stopped typing ENTIRELY IN CAPS – hey, it was the 80s, Nettiquette was still in its embryonic stage) and wanted to see if I could shake the hunt-and-peck. I did eventually, and picked up still more speed in the process. (On a good day I’ll hit just shy of 100WPM. Not spectacular, but respectable enough to get the job done well enough) Being self-taught though means that my typing style would probably send any proper keyboarding teacher running for the yard stick. I’m not a home-row type of guy and the keys my fingers hit are probably not the same keys teachers expect them to hit. I don’t particularly care though – as long as it gets the job done I don’t really care about “proper” style.

I was always told that when you’re trying to get rid of your hiccups, try not to think of a opolar bear with blue eyes. Or was it when you’re trying to ward off a sneeze? Not sure now. eitehr way, it never worked for me.

Those sentences were typed w/o looking at keyboard or screen. I taught myself to touch type in law school because I would type up my handwritten notes at night and touch typing was so much faster than hunt & peck. A couple mistakes- eh, I can live with it.

The quidkc brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
Hey, that wasn’t bad. :dubious:

I do a lot of typing, but I find that my tuping has actually deteriorated over the years. I used to type 70 wmp with very few mistakes, but it seems like now I’m probably typing 50 wom or so with many more mistakes. My touch-typing “form” has never beeen good, (I don’t keep my fingers properly positioned on lthe “home row”), and my fingers simply aren’t as nimble as they used to be.

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