The eyes closed thread:recososted.

Last time I did this it provided a hgreat deal of fun for many people. Thre idea is to type your entire post with your eyesd clodes.

IAs you can provable yell I am doing this right now. I am using a laptop keyboatd which is harder to use than a standard onre.

I am also doing it with a ges bees and whiskey shos in me… and typing at ‘full speed’.

The rules are// you can open your eytes once you havre gfinished a sentence ,but all typing should be done with eyes closed.

Gire away.

New rule: you can ecxplain stugff with your eyes open, but it has to e in italics.
for example, the word ‘recososted’ in the title is meant to be ‘revisited’

okl I don’t rraklky jnbiw what tti weurwe tgiyfgg

wjst a dripif concept,

One of the best things about the fitst time i did it was some of the words born ou t of it.

‘dripif’ for example. and ‘weurwe’ both lovely cute new words

I’ll play.

See, I took a touch typing class in junior high school . I didn’t think it would be that useful at the time, but I wanted to take art and the two were lumped together, for some reason. Now, I’m glad I took it. It’s come in quite handy.

NOw this is a rhewad i like

Qonder how it will go?

I took a typing course as well. It was in tenth grade, as I recall, using Smith Corona electrics. One could use the "t’ key to launch a pen clear across the classroom when the teacher’s back was turned.

You’ll note that while I’m doing pretty good here, I wasn’t brave enough to try to find any number keys.

Let me try. See I’ve also had a few beers too. This might be fun to see what I come up with. Buzzed and eyes closed and all. Do I dare look? What will I see> The suspense is killing meQ

Well, dang! It looks pretty durn normal!

The last time I tried this I did pretty wekk ibm bytI don’t think I can do as well on my laptop.
Hey, not bad.

Ok . rule three.nO TOUCH TYPISTS!

(ust kidding. it’s more fun when the post ends pu being inmerfect though< tgat;s wgeb yi get new words)

Today was just a crappy stinking sucky rotten day, and that’s why I’m so glad that I can come hang out at the Dope for a while.

I haven’t opened my eyes yet to look at this post. However, I was a secretary for 23 years prior to starting a new career as a Child Protective Services Investigator, and I type over 150 words per minute by touch, so this shouldn’t be too awful.

The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown gogs. 1,2, button my shoe. 3,4, open the door. 4, 5, Pick up sticks. 6,7, Lay 'em straight. 9, 10, a big fat wt hen!
Hmm. Not too bad. Even if my fingers were one over on the number row. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every once in a while, a thread comes alongf that is both hilarious to read and great fun to post to.

This is not that thread.
Wow! I’;m better than I thought I was,.

I ught as well give it a try…

Although, I must admit, my typinh looks like I have my eyes closed halg the time when I don;r.

I’m generally not one to post in this type of thread, but I figured I’d give it a shot this time. How’d I do?

This is pretty amusing. I don’t fancy typing with my eyes closed, as I’m not quite sure what’ll come out when I do, and my backspace-use is compulsive - I actually u… that’s a letter UI, isn’t it. Why is it thete? OK, moving in… on, that is… dammit, I just looked and I hate the word “thete” with a fiery passion. Yet I managed to catch the in/on thing. Odd.

Well, my eyez-clised typing is almost normal, it seems. Oh, and to finishe that sentence up there, I actually caught myself looking twice before I said that, not because I was agraid I’d made an error but because I had just used the backspace key and wanted to know I was at the right place before continuing. And I just used said key twice without looking… let’s see how I did… Wow, that’s scary. Okay, done now.

OKAG yn fiungn to yru is./ wmee err jod i fp/ p a,mm mou nety good.

Bunsch of nams show offs

I think those of us to o chicken to get LLASIK done should just type without our glassses/contacts. :smiley:

But, just to be safe, I’m closing them anyway.

What to rype…besides, wow that touch typing in 8th grade really holes up well mumblety mumblety years later, huh?
*Hey, I’m totally okay with that! I love the space as my brain went “too, dammit, not to” a millisecond too late for my fingers. *

I think I can do this pretty well, but I guess I’ll find out when I open my eyes.

Damn. I’m good.