Yep, that link works. . . although the picture is tiny and you look like you’re being booked.

"#3, please turn to the right. . . "

am i the only one who duzn’t get these “test” threads in here?

why here?

Why not MPSIMS?

The simple answer is, because this is the designated place for test threads. If you’re wondering why this was designated as the place for test threads, it’s because most of the things being tested are technical features of the message board. If I want to test the use of a particular font, say, or how to make a link, I’d prefer to get responses like “You forgot the slash in the closing tag”, or “That feature is disabled here”, rather than “That reminds me of this joke I heard”, or “dude, that’s hilarious”.

[font size=1]test[/font]


trying this?

Everyone, hold your ears (and cover your eyes. . .)




Are test threads eventually deleted, or are they also archived like normal threads?

The archiving is all automatic, and doesn’t care about the content or importance of threads. It would be more trouble to delete threads than to just leave them and let them fall off the front page, so they’re just left.

FYI, I get a page not found error when clicking on Taz’s link.

Hell, if the archiving of threads were determined by their importance, we could probably back up the whole board on a floppy disk. :slight_smile:

testing sig

My question is, what is accomplished in these test threads that can’t be done simply by clicking “Preview Post” in the reply window of any thread?

They do have the benefit of letting everybody else know what neat new coding trick you’ve found. For example, the ability to demonstrate how to code without resorting to mangling the coding:

[b]Here’s the bolded text**

Is useful, and it was in discussion in an STMB test thread that Mangetout and I figured out how to do it under the current version of vB software.

Test threads also allow users to ask for help with certian features.