Icle, Icle, Bably!

Is this the right classroom? Can anyone lend me a #2 pencil? What do you mean I’m late?

OH MY GOD! I’m naked!

I answer C: False.

  1. I don’t know! I’m still a noobie.

  2. Yes! But this is an oral exam!

  3. Arriving late is better than coming early!

  4. Oh my god! You are naked! Hey now…hey what’re you doing with my pencil dude? Whoa. Your pencil. That’s your pencil now.

You owe me a pencil.

Now. Hush up and lets test your oral skills.

In the spirit of the OP, I advise you that y… … …!

… … . …!

Oh yeah, buddy? Well, you can … … my … …!

Ok. Can the OP come back and explain what’s going on here?

You lured us in here with your test trap, now provide more test or else I’ll … you … the …icles!

There’s nothing to explain. This was a test and the data was collected! And don’t touch my testicles