Testicle Cough Question

My question concerns Mr. Madame. When he and I decide to partake in “adult activities”, and then Mr. Madame has his “big finish”, I have noticed that he always coughs directly after. Not simply a small throat tickle, but genuine, deep, prolonged coughing for about 2 minutes afterwards. I would like to add that Mr. Madame is quite healthy, no history of asthma, never smoked, and is your basic Health Nazi…i.e. supplements, vegetarian, avid cyclist, yadda, yadda.

My question is, well is this normal? What causes this? Why is this characteristic so pronounced in him and not in others I have encountered (well before Mr. madame, of course)?

Run with these as hypotheses:

a. It’s psychosomatic, maybe due to a former youthful sense of sex being “unhealthy” or “polluting”.

b. It’s an idiosyncratic orgasmic response. There are lots of them. It’s probably just the way your man is physically wired.

c. It has something mysterious to do with that whole “turn your head & cough” thing, while the examiner feels your crotch, that I thought this thread would be about.

The examiner thing is to check for a hernia. Not related.

I am glad the examiner thing is unrelated…although now i am left with the possibility he “thinks its yucky” or it’s just a reflex…I just wish I had a bit more information to go on.

Is he holding it off during the activity? While it may seem most unusual to hold something other than you-know, if he is it may be respiratory. If not, then it defintely is one of the many mysteries of the central nervous system: some women laugh, others cry, and your guy… he coughs!

However, I find the prolonged aspect of the coughing to be worrisome and that’s what makes me curious. But of course, he may have always had this. Has it happened before? When solo? Hmm…

no, he does not “hold it off” (coughing) during the activity…but you pose a really interesting point re: during solo performances. I will ask him in just a few moments when he comes home from the office…lol…now I am just picturing his furrowed brow when I begin badgering him on his masterbation sessions…Stand by - I will report back.

Ohhhh, I just gotta subscribe to this thread…

I knew someone with a similar reaction, but I assumed it was because he was a fairly heavy smoker. And it may very well have been that, or your guy may hold the key to some other explanation. I await further information with bated breath.

Cecil speaks!

Perhaps dust under the bed/matteress is caused to become dislodged and borne aloft as a result of air pressure fluctuations beneath and within the matteress. I will leave it to your imagination to devise a series of experiments to test the hypothesis.

Well, when Mr. Madame came home from work, I attempted to casually inquire about his “solo performances” and if he noticed his coughing spells were still present. This was immediately followed by a several uncomfortable minutes of silence and both of us staring at one another.

Initially he claimed he had no idea, he couldn’t remember and he didn’t want to discuss it. I then explained that I needed to know and asked if he wouldn’t mind going in the next room to “rough up the suspect” and then report back. This immediately jogged his memory (giggle, snort) and yes, as long as he can remember he has coughed upon “completion”. Oddly, he equated it to a “tip of the hat” or applause from his body…as though it’s how he know he’s done. (Although if he was looking for hints of completion…I can think of a far more obvious announcement he could watch for)

Okay, people, get ready. . . Big Finish now . . . yada yada yada, yada yada yada, yada yada ya-da yaaaa-ah-dah!

But seriously, **why?b/]

Before enlisting into the military, we have to drop our pants and cover our mouth and cough. What’s the point of that?

Great, what is wrong with my fingers today? I meant to say, “Before enlisting into the military, there is this medicial test where in one part we have to drop our pants and cover our mouth and cough. What’s the point of that?”

From what I have learned so far, it is to make sure you do not have a hernia…actually, if all jobs paid equal, my fantasy job would be to be the girl in charge of counting sit-ups at the Navy Seals “Buds” camp:) “One, two…good job boys…Three…”

Could it be that grunts and moans and cries loosens throat or lung junk up and tickles, causing the cough?

as for the “dust being dislodged from the mattress” theory…it can’t be. We rarely are on the bed or even in the bedroom when we get frisky.

As for the “grunting, moaning” theory…he is usually silent with the exception of deep breathing…so possibly…but then this coughing would happen during the whole “romp” rather than strictly after his “boy joy” moment.