Testicle Poll!

Another thread got me started. So, everyone with testicles or intimate knowledge of someone else’s testicles, sound off!

Which is bigger, left or right? Which hangs lower? Is that the larger, or the smaller? Same size? Are you feft handed or right? What nationality? Which way does your penis curve? Does this have any scientific significance?

Left one is lower. I think they’re both the same size. I’m right handed. The schwanz is angled to the left (it doesn’t curve much). I’m Anglo-Irish American, the whitest of the white bread.

It is scientifically significant in that it usually points to true (as opposed to magnetic) north. As long as I’m hard I can find my way when lost.

Well, my hubby’s left one hangs slightly lower, but his right one is larger. His penis does not appear to curve at all. He is a right-handed American. Oh, and inside his pants, it usually prefers to hang to the left. For the record, my right breast is larger.

Left is bigger and hangs lower, though I had to check, so little has it concerned me.

Penis curves downward until my “antigravity” gear is engaged, then is pretty much straight as a compass needle… make that Mighty Oak!

My testicles are American. They have been vasectomized, so they are also shooting blanks. Still, emotionally I feel my testicles are under-utilized, and could contribute more to the community around me. I’m just a do-gooder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is bigger, left or right? Left
Which hangs lower? Left
Is that the larger, or the smaller? Larger
Same size? Nope
Are you feft handed or right? Right
What nationality? American
Which way does your penis curve? Straight as an arrow
Does this have any scientific significance? Don’t know

I’m sure IMHO will be just ecstatic to see this moved over there.

Which is bigger, left or right? Left.

Which hangs lower? Left.

Is that the larger, or the smaller? See the previous two inquiries.

Same size? See the last question.

Are you left handed or right? Right.

What nationality? North American. German/British/American Indian descent.

Which way does your penis curve? To the left and up when erect, and down/left when not.

Does this have any scientific significance? I’m relatively sure that it does not.


Euty, I owe you one, and believe me you’ll know when you’ve been paid back. :smiley:

Which is bigger, left or right? Left
Which hangs lower? Left
Is that the larger, or the smaller? Larger
Same size? Nope
Are you feft handed or right? Left
What nationality? American, German ancestry
Which way does your penis curve? Quite a bit to the right
Does this have any scientific significance? Reply hazy, ask again later.
And now my own questions:
Do your balls hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?

… ok, I’ll shut up now.

In the interest of scientific akrusy, would this be from his perspective, or yours?

As to your right breast - well sounds like a new thread to me!

Would this be an apropriate place to post “genital anomlies I have seen” ? Because as an RN I have seen my share… but I have no testes of my own to add to list.

The luffomylife’s testicles are to all purposes same size, with right hanging lower. Swedish Canadian male, right handed. Penis points at about 2pm if navel is noon.

I’ve been waiting a while for just the right moment to share these anatomical tidbits. I’m tired of waiting. Now will have to do.

Due to some interesting embryological facts (see below), the vascular piping of the testicles is not intuitively obvious. Adding to the strangeness, the right and left side are subtlety different, and this difference may be germane to the issue being discussed here.

The veins that drain the little guys travel out of the nutsac and up into the abdomen before rejoining the rest of the circulation. The right testicular vein drains directly into the inferior vena cava (IVC–the main vein that drains the lower half of the body). The left testicular vein, however, drains into the left renal (or kidney) vein, which then dumps into the IVC. Circulation-wise, the kidneys are high-volume organs, receiving about 1/4 of the blood put out by the heart over any given amount of time. Thus, the fact that the left side is connected to the renal vein may (and I’m leaving the bedrock of fact here and stepping onto the shifting sands of conjecture) create a greater amount of back pressure in the left testicular vein than in the right. This may then cause blood to back up just slightly more on the left side, which would add weight to that sac and keep it hanging a little lower than the right. Whether this is true, I don’t know. But it is known that testicular varicoceles happen more often on the left. (In case you don’t know, a testicular varicocele is an abnormal dilatation of the testicular vein, which then sort of bunches up and winds around itself, lending a texture to the nutsac reputedly reminiscent of a “bag of worms.” These are pretty harmless but can impair fertility.)

The testes start life in the abdomen and during embryologic development descend into the scrotum, taking their veins and arteries with them. They are guided by a ligament called the gubernaculum (which I think means rudder in French or Latin–Please correct me if that’s wrong). You may have heard of a so-called “undescended testicle.” This happens when the little nut doesn’t make it all the way into the sac, but stops somewhere in the abdomen or inguinal (groin) area. Such an event can have three important consequences: (1) The tardy testicle is predisposed to injury (esp if it’s in the groin); (2) the extra warmth and possibly abnormal piping means the swimmers don’t form properly and/or have a hard time getting out of the incubator and into the game, thus impairing fertility; and (3) testes so affected have a higher chance of developing cancer, the risk being inversely proportional to the degree of nondescent

well, my left testicle hangs lower, but are both pretty much the same size. i am a right handed australian, and my old fella is aas straight as…a really straigh thing :wink:

Left is bigger. Which one is lower is not a natural result, so I’ll just blithely skip past that:)

I am neither feft nor right handed. I use both hands, but I am predominantly a lefty:)

Nationality … descended from western european mutts:D Bit o’ native in me, though.

Penis curves to the left when not happy, and actually stands left when happy. Slanted, sorta. Peeing is really amusing sometimes.

Does this have any scientific significance? Well, either way, DON’T TELL JACK DEAN TYLER!

My boys are the same size. Which one hangs lower depends on the weather–right’s lower if they’re cold and scrunchy, left is lower if they’re flapping in the warm breeze of May.

I’m a left-handed American of what I would guess is European descent.

Cap’n Weewilly pointed straight as an arrow until I was maybe 17, and then an, uh, injury sort of collaped some of the, er, foundation on the right side (I also damaged a blood vessel in my head) so now he has a bit of a starboard drift. Leaning Tower of Penis I call it, willfully oblivious to the fact that that’s hardly an original joke.

Scientific significance? Well, it may have something to do with my patented SpiralPee technology, but it may not.


Left lower. Penis straight as a die.

[Grandpa Simpson voice]

Back in my day, we called a Testicle Pole a Penis!

[/Grandpa Simpson voice]

Heh heh. I feel your pain, Czarcasm.

Just for you, this post will contain no descriptions of my testicles.:smiley:

I need to start compiling the results!

I’m at work, so I can’t tell you for sure on the whole testes issue, but if I recall correctly, the left hangs a bit lower, and they’re about the same size.

My penis has a slight leftward curve, I’m a right-handed American.