My penis is crooked to the right

Eutychuss’s Brad Pitt Penis thread made me think about mine. So I went into the bathroom looked at the sucker and sure enough it goes to the right and it curves upwards. Damn I must be a freak. Oh well at least I don’t have a girlfriend that makes fun of it anymore. Oh yeah I forgot that would be because I don’t have a girlfriend. Damn am I that bad? I mean honest ladies? I’m not completely hideous only mildly at best. All the boils on my face dissappeared and the wart treatment is working nicely. I guess I never was boyfriend material…

The mighty Criswell predicts that you are right-handed!

Appropriate name; Lou Reed told Creem Magazine in 1974 that his preferred lubricant was DippityDoo.

<======= curves up

Nah. it’s normal. Spiral, now that’s strange (please, no photos)

I hook a tad bit to the left.

My best friend hooks a tad bit to the right (so he claims… haven’t seen it to verify).

We have an inside joke that we are mirror images of one another.

It is a medical syndrome known as Peyronies Disease.

Here is a link…

It is very common.


I refer you to the Flying Dutchman, Tesco Vee, who contends that “Real Men Hang To the Right.”

Being a right-handed liberal, I must disagree.

I always thought it matched whatever handedness you were. Mine leans to the left.

Just because it’s curved doesn’t mean you have Peyronies Disease.

From this site:

*Many men have some degree of penile angulation…
…If you have a mildly curved penis that has always been that way, you’re simply normal and don’t need treatment. *

My first thought was "This is friggin’ nuts! Why does every little idiosyncracy have to be defined in terms of a disease?!? “[Doc] That man’s johnson hangs to the right…there must be something we in the medical establishment can do to help him feel like a NORMAL person.[/Doc]” What bullshit.

So I tried the link above, but it didn’t work. Then I searched out Peyronies Disease and found this article. AH HA! What you (and I) have, my friend, is NOT Peyronies Disease, so put down the alcohol and ampicillin. Unless of course you have what the author describes as the hallmark of the disease, “a plaque or hard spot along the shaft of the penis.” (Basically scar tissue. WARNING…MEN…There are graphic case studies in the article of how scar tissue on the penis might occur. BEFORE you read them, make sure you have an appropriately large enough space on the floor next to your chair for curling up in the fetal position. You have been warned – OUCH).

I’d like to know what the plastic surgeon’s take on this is, but I’m guessing he’d want your three grand to true it all up, disease or not. Sounds like the cure (the “Nesbit Procedure”) may be as bad or worse than the disease. ("So, Doc, you’re gonna CUT SOME WEDGES out of the other side, so that it’s as short as the curved side?!? ::sound of squeeling tires:: )

I’m guessing you’re just like me, it turns a bit to the right, and it doesn’t care, so I don’t care. Works every bit as good as a straight one, and maybe better. For those who have Peyronies, they have my deep sympathy. But it scares me when doctors suggest that something “different” is “wrong”, and therefore needs to be “corrected”.

BTW, I am right-handed, but to blow away your theory xizor, I usually wax with my left hand. Maybe it has to do with whether you live north or south of the equator? Any Aussies in the crowd?

Think yourself lucky Ad noctum apparently thats ooohhhh for a woman (no I dont know by experience :wink:

Thats not so it feels like someone else then? :wink:

So, DippityDoo
How YOU doin’? :wink:

You know, most of us women don’t care if it curves a bit. :wink:

Hell, from my point of view(involuntary chastity…for too long), one could be 2 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, and it would look fan-freaking-tastic to me.

Wait a minute. You guys can’t vary the curve at will?


No. Gets too hard for that.

Even steel bends if you get it hot enough…

Hope you’re with a redhead.

Dear guys (Doo, Muffin, Muffin’s friend)

Hope the following is not Too Much Information, but as a gay man who has seen thousands of penises very close up, it really is very common, doesn’t interfere with the way things work, and is a turn-on to many.

Because “manliness” is such a Big Deal and “queerness” so scary, many men just don’t see enough dicks in their lives to understand the wide variety of shapes sizes etc. Try looking closely at people’s ears - ooh what a weird assortment they come in!

Lsura put it very well, I thought.


Thousands? Really?? As a gay man who hasn’t, I am currently unsure whether to be impressed, envious, or just . .

Mine is the only straight thing about me.

And of course Cecil Adams addressed this issue in a column:
Is it Possible to Straighten or Lengthen the Penis?