Why is my thingie crooked?

A bit embarrasing really but why is my penis crooked? Is it still possible to fix this? I read somewhere a week ago about penile fracture. So did i fracture it? Works fine though. Thanks.

Some information from this thread:

He also has a full article on penile fractures and giving it a skim my guess would be that if you had a fractured penis you would currently be screaming like a girl in an ambulance on your way to the ER.

If your penis has always been crooked my guess would be that it’s just around the same thing as that most people’s legs are different lengths and such. If it’s something recent, ask your doctor. Either way if you want real medical advice and are truly worried about this, ask your doctor not us.

One of my oldest friends is a urologist. He does corrective surgery for this all the time. It’s easy to say that it’s very simple surgery, just a couple of slits on either side and then sew it up. Then again, there is nothing simple about someone taking a knife to your wang.

There is no more appropriate situation in which the advice “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies. If it works just fine, then it ain’t broke. Think about it: what’s the worst that can happen if you just leave it be, compared to the worst that can happen if you take corrective measures?

In my own ahem experience, I have found curvature to be either unnoticable, or to actually contribute an extra dimension to the experience in certain positions.

It’s not your ‘thing’, it’s your eyes. Get to the eye DR ASAP!

Surgery in this case is also one of those cases where the cure can be worse than the disease: if it is Peyronie’s, this means that there’s scar tissue on the inside of the curve which is less elastic (i.e.: inflatable) than the other side. If you excise the scar tissue with a knife, you can straighten it out, unless the operation causes the creation of scar tissue, in which case…

Kind of a vicious circle if things go wrong. So, unless it hurts badly enough that you can’t use it, or it’s not straight enough to use, you should probably steer clear of surgery.

Couldn’t you just find someone with a curved hoo-ha?

Talk about your awkward first date questions…

In other words, don’t mess with it unless you’re prepared for it to end up looking like Michael Jackson’s nose. :eek: Also, if frequent masturbation is causing the assymmetry, perhaps you could attempt to employ your other hand…

It is a condition having a special medical name. :slight_smile:

You should be proud to have the same condition of our most promiscous potus. :rolleyes:

To answer your question on whether it is possible to fix: yes.

My background story. Diagnosed with Peyronies as of last week, although the curve has been around for several years and starting getting really bad just recently. I have been frantically googling peyronies info all week because I’m really scared for my penis. Many different sources have all said that PD is treatable with various methods. I have scheduled an appointment with my Urologist in a few days, that should clear some things up. From what I have read my treatment options range from surgery to a penis stretcher to topical vitamin E. I’m not sure which one to do, that’s why I’m meeting with a doctor. I suggest that everyone else do the same, no pointing in risking your penis!!

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Of those three? Yes, you’re sure. Vitamin E cream it is.

(Although I guess it might depend on whether the penis stretcher is a man or a woman).

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Hope the hooked zombie penis doesn’t get caught in the door handle when the hero speeds to safety.

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