one get's a penis question

This is a serious question, I am curious.

I heard this guy on the radio say that 1 in 5 guys have a “crooked penis”. Is this true? How does that happen? How do you prevent it?

Whew! I thought it was just me!

Seriously, I was just about to ask about this here. My penis is crooked, it comes out at about a 20 degree angle! I’m right-handed, so I would have expected all of the whacking off would pull it to the RIGHT, but it goes to the LEFT for some reason.

I told a doctor about this, and he said that Vitamin E would help. So I took 2 pills a day for a month, nothing happened. Then I thought maybe he meant to apply it to the area, so I broke open the capsules and applied it. Nothing.

Don’t know what the cause is, either.

I don’t think you need to worry about anyone getting offended here, provided you ask a serious question.

Now for your answer, it depends on the definition of crooked. We’ll stick with the erect state, since that’s when it’s most noticeable. If by crooked, you mean bending up, down, left or right, then 25% to 33% of the population seems to have this, depending on which study you go by.

If by crooked, you mean only to the left or right, the numbers drop to 13% to 15% or so, which is still less than 1 in 5.

Oddly, there are extremely few people who have a curvature to the left or right, and also up or down.

The lower percentages are from the Kinsey study, the higher numbers from a recent study done by Joseph Sparling.

First of all, welcome to the SDMB.

Second, the last thing we’d get offended at is a penis question. Anything’s fair game, here.

Third, am I the only one who thinks that Gobbler’s Knob is a really funny place for the first guy to answer the penis question to come from?

Fourth–AFAIK, a crooked penis is common, and not usually a problem. But in some cases, it can indicate a problem. I don’t recall exactly, but it has something to do with either scar tissue, or some kind of imbalance in the way the spongy erectile tissue fills up. If the penis suddenly gets more crooked, then it is definitely time for some medical attention.

They can feel reall good too.

Curving up is not only normal it is ideal, but curves in other directions can be fun.

It’s called Peyronie’s disease Green Bean here’s a link


And HERE is Cecil on the topic.

it is totally from jacking off, if you are right handed, try holding your hand just to the right of your penis, the direction you would assume it to be crook;ing to, that is a uncomfortable arm position, you are all bunched up, if you are right handed, I say you will be naturally pushing and twisting it to the left a little, left handeds, the opposite happens.

So, I am about 27 now, looks like I have about 15 or so years of left handed pleasure to correct this damn problem :stuck_out_tongue:

medical opinion?

The few studies that I’ve seen ascribe the problem to either disease or circumcision.

Mine is as straight as the proverbial arrow–which, at last, puts me in the majority about something. :smiley:

I could not bring myself to post this on my own, but as a slight hijack in someone else’s thread: Mine has a great blue vein snaking down the front–on the top when it comes to attention.

Is that unusual? Is it dangerous, as if it were a giant penile varicose vein? :eek: :frowning: :o :wink:

Gasp! Am I really posting such a question–even though burried where hardly anyone will see it?

Mine is totally crooked! Sometimes it steals away into the night only to bring home some deranged crack-ho. Needless to say, I’m completely unaware of its activities, and it usually happens while I’m out drinking with friends. Does anybody know how to straighten this beast out?


One in five guys has Peyronie’s disease? Don’t believe all you hear on the radio, those things gotta hang left or right so they fit in clothes.

The vessel in question is the dorsal vein of the penis. Perfectly natural and normal to have one.

If you were a male lab rat, though, you might wish you didn’t have one. As with humans, the rat’s dorsal vein is easily located. It is one of the favored sites used by researchers for IV access in male rat. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Ghastly–for the poor rats. Jabbing great needles into their…! Absolutely ghastly. The more I learn about the methods and techniques of medical research, the more certain I am that I will never avail myself of their ethically-stained results. :mad:

Go, elves! Go! Encore. Encore.


Thanks, choosybeggar, for the answer. You have relieved decades of low-grade worry. And extra thanks for beating rsa to the answer: I made a deal that I probably shouldn’t have even **thought **about making–which illustrates the level of concern one can get reach about things that are “not to be talked about.”

I should have added that the animals are anesthetized prior to the procedure. And additionally, that researchers generally devote a lot of planning and money to minimize the suffering of their animal subjects.

So is there any way to straighten it back out? Besides whacking off with your left hand??

I must jack off straight as a whistle then. Mines pretty well dead straight.

[King Missile Song]I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis ws missing again.[/King Missile Song]:cool:

"Peyronie’s disease was described in 1743 by a French physician named Francois de la Peyroni, who reported that patients with scar tissue in the penis had a significantly bent penis.

Other modified procedures use a plication technique. Instead of cutting wedges into the corporal body, as with the Nesbit procedure, a plication pulls the tissues together by putting multiple loops of sutures farther away from each other."

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