Testicle Waxing

Is it possible to get your plums waxed? I shave at the moment (just my nads, base of my penis and ‘gooch’) but would like to get it waxed instead as the stubble drives me nuts. Is it possible to have this done? How much would it cost? Would it be a male or female doing the ‘procedure’? Anyone have any pube couture hints for me?

You’ve never heard of the back, sack and crack wax?

The little sadist in me wants to try it but then am I the only man who has wondered what waxing feels like?

A friendly word of advice: before you commit to this, have some other part of your body waxed, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into…

I heard on a morning radio show (Lex & Terry?) where a guy volunteered to use the NADS hair removal stuff. I didn’t know a man could that loudly.

It’s probably a Bad Idea [sup]TM[/sup].

This may well be the first thread I’ve seen here in three years the title of which actually made me physically wince.

Thank you.

Scream, that is.

I have heard of the back, sack and crack wax but have never seen it advertised (although I suppose you wouldn’t would you?) and have know idea where to get it done. Can I just walk into a place that traditionally waxes females and say ‘can you wax my nuts please?’ I’m also unsure as to whether I’d rather have a male or female do it, would I prefer a comely young lady wax my plums or a man? Does anyone here have this done and who by?

flodnak - are you male or female? Have you had this done as your post might suggest? Could you give me more details if so? Thanks.

I’m female, I’ve done some waxing, and I’m trying to tell you that it effing hurts. Might be worth it for you but you don’t seem to be considering the pain factor at all.

flodnak, ever had skin tear or bleed or something from a waxing? The skin down there is not always, shall we say, taut…

[sub]ow ow ow OW OW BLOODY OW OW OW OWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Just the thought of it ow OW OW[/sub]

What you talkin’ 'bout WILLASS?

Just out of curiosity, why do you shave your balls?

Hey, anyone remember the Epilator? Using that on the old scrot would have to be worse than waxing,

I knew a guy who had an electric razor that used to do the job quite well, with no pain.

I remember going to get my hair cut once, and in the next room there was a guy getting his back waxed.

Seriously, in my life I never heard a man scream that loud in pain, and back then I was heavy into S&M.

I also knew a guy who gave himself a circumsizion, but that is another story…

Because ‘there is nothing like a freshly shorn scrotum, its quite exquisite’ (Dr Evil being misquoted I’m sure). I shave my nads once out of curiosity after reading an article about ‘metrosexuality’ and how bollock shaving had crossed over from traditionally being done by gay men to heterosexual men. I found that it feels quite nice to have a smooth sack and shaving the base of your penis actually makes it look bigger also my girlfriend prefers it to an overgrown bush and to be fair I can see her point, I expect her to shave after all don’t I? It doesn’t look weird either, if anything it looks better. I shave my sack, my ‘biffins bridge’ (or perineum), the base of my penis and also trim my pubes down to about half their length. Give it a go you may appreciate the results.

Paging Jack Dean TylerJack Dean Tyler, please answer the Tug-Ahoy phone at the service desk…

Frankly I’d be more scared of cutting myself with a razor than getting waxed. I’d say the skin is pretty strong down there and after the first pull, shall we say, your scrot’s gonna tuck itself up like you were dipping it in the snow. As for electric razors. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BzzzzERGHHHHHHH!

No thankyou.

WILLASS have you ever thought of asking your g/f to do it. She’s seen it all before and you can trust her, can’t you?

nocturnal_tick - I have never cut myself shaving as it is very easy and Gillette makes some fine blades. No it’s the stubble that bothers me, by growing back with a ‘stubby’ end the hair becomes much more itchy than if you use hair removal cream or wax. I would consider getting my girlfriend to wax me but she has never waxed anyone before in her life so she might bugger it up so I would prefer the professional touch. How long does waxing last? Would I need it done weekly or monthly?

I read a news story a couple of days ago about these nice folks: http://store.yahoo.com/haircaredownthere/

Now I can’t find the story, but IIRC they are going to start handling (hahaha) products for men in the near future. At any rate, ask them your question and let us know what they say.

I think that they only deal with shaving products not profesionnal waxing. I will email and ask but i’m not holding my breath. I want to get my plums waxed in a ‘salon’ by a profesionnal.

(I’m beginning to think that I may have a mild fetish fro showing strangers my nuts!)

Be sure to let us know allllllll about it afterward.

Never mind, I think we’ll hear the screams for ourselves :eek:

Why not Nair?