"Testing, testing" he said.


Is this happening to anyone else? Or did I just take the red pill or something?

Italic. Underline Bold


By the way, on the off chance that I’m having some really freaky hallucination, what you should be seeing in the above post is a bunch of perfectly formed “quote” and “close quote” tags, which are not resulting in anything being put into the normal quote block. They’re just sitting there, like I’d typed “[qutoe]” or some damned thing.

Also, there are giant purple spiders crawling all over everything.

Yes. But I’m not linking to it cause contains another coding error as well. It’s near the top of MPSIMS in the “Cities trivia” thread.

Okay, I was able to fix that broken link in your post in Cities trivia…, but there are indeed a number of examples of the non-functioning quote tags in that thread.

All right, now. Who spilled Coke into the fabric of reality?

Thank you,** MEBuckner**, you’re a schooner and a geranium.
And I’m drinking Pepsi.

And quotes are OK now. Good show.

Well, I didn’t fix the quotes. There are powers beyond those of a mere Moderator.