just a test for my own edification.

still testing

now this should be a link to the post above

and this should be a link to the post above this:


I think…


maybe this one?


durn thing…


one more time!


so the above link should go to the first post in the “Barf Smiley” thread
at least if I have this figured out correctly

so the way to link to a particaular post is to use the format:
with “ZZZZZZ” being replaced by the post number one can find by passing one’s cursor over the “quote” button at the bottom of the post.

Pretty cool, eh?

And to make the link show up as a particular word or words, use the UBB code to do so.

like so!


and of course I really meant vB code, not UBB. Duh.

[super][sub]super sub![/sub][/super]
[sub][super]sub super :frowning: [/super][/sub]

I’m a newbie, and this is my first attempt at quoting.

Ignore me, I’m just testing a few things out for myself…

bold italics

http://spamcop.net abc@123.com

Now to master the fine art of double quoting…

Hey, this is even easier than HTML - no need for the shift key! :slight_smile:

Now for *le piéce de resistance *, a quote inside a quote, with random faces.

StephenG, you want [****sup], not [super]