Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Whose is the baby, and who is in the photos?

I’m not sure what I overlooked in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but basically I have two main questions. (Not the how much is real question either).

Who does the baby belong to? I know the family stole it, but the only person I could come up with was the girl from the beginning, unless its just a random persons.

Also, in the truck driver scene, you see photos of his family or something in the background, I couldnt decipher the photos, but were they people in the movie, or just simply photos?

Thanks for your help

Not sure, but I just watched it a couple hours ago and it’s bloody horrible! So intense!

The baby is a bit confusing, and the little boy. I cant really work it out.

perhaps it’s leatherface’s children?

First of all, it rocked.

As for the baby;

I think it was a sibling of the girl from the beginning. From the way the girl and the 7th Heaven girl spoke after escaping, I got that she managed to escape, but the rest of her family got killed. But instead of killing the baby, they kept it.

it was a good film, very good acting, but I did feel they made so many wrong decisions to end up in the mess they ended up in. I mean, would you trust that old woman in that dodgy gas station? And the cop was totally mental. lol, I guess it was just made that way to make you feel really scared about what was inevitably going to happen to them.

What I want to know is this:What are we supposed to assume happened to Morgan, the guy Erin saved in the basement? We saw him hung up on that chandelier, but then the story followed Erin all the way through to the end.

My thoughts, no guarantee they’re right!

The Baby: When I watched it, I thought the baby actually belonged to the girl they picked up, but now I think teemingONE’s thought that it was a sibling is probably right. We know the baby has something to do with her (the suicide girl) because she and the baby were both in the picture they found in the jar in the trunk of that car in the beginning. Also, there was the same picture in the trailor where the woman with the baby lived.

The Little Boy: Leatherface’s nephew? We know the old lady from the store is Leatherface’s mother (I’m pretty sure someone says it somewhere) and the boy calls her Grandma. So either the boy is Leatherface’s nephew, or his son (!) Also, the Sheriff is the Old Lady’s son, too, so that means Leatherface and the Sheriff are brothers. Maybe the boy is the Sheriff’s son, or Leatherface has more siblings somewhere…

Morgan: Leatherface hung him on the chandelier, and the chainsaw started up… from what it looked like to me, Morgan got a chainsaw to a rather unpleasant place (Although, on second thought, is there anyplace where a chainsaw wouldn’t be unpleasant?) Either way, we can definately assume he’s dead.