Texas Dopers: 12/18 conclave in Dallas!!!

Hey, all of you who are within travel distance to Dallas…just because Satan won’t be traveling on the face of the earth after all, that doesn’t mean we can’t get together in his honor (or our own.) It so happens that there is a really fabulous band by the name of Soul Tsunami playing in Dallas the night of Saturday, December 18th. If we can orchestrate a get-together that night, I can promise you a good time. (Yes, my brother plays bass in this band, but that is incidental to my recommendation. They WAIL. Think The Commitments meets the Blues Brothers, with some newer soul and R&B thrown into the mix. If you want a sample, go here:

You’ll find MP3’s, Real Audio and WAV files of the band.

So how about it? Phouka, Zyada, Metroshane, Ayesha, Lion, Beatle, Cessandra and all the others I am forgetting in a haze of single malt, let’s do it! Post here or e-mail me at tcreole@hotmail.com and we’ll set it up.

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I’ll be there!

(Fading echoes heard in the background: Party, Party, Party…)

First pass thought is - how can I make this work? I’m workin’ on it, C. Troy.

Dern it…my link doesn’t work. try:

or if that doesn’t work either, go to

and click on “songs” when you get there. there are also some great pix of the band (note the foxy singer, Luisa…grrrowl).

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Sounds good to me.

I’m feelin’ magnanimous, so I’ll even invite Jerry to the party even though he cravenly ignored my email requesting information on Satan’s visit.

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Bloody hell. I’m within travel distance of Dallas, but I will be (assuming they get my truck fixed) in Colorado at that time. I’m pondering coming to Dallas around the turn of the new year, though…

Sounds really cool. Unfortunatly(sp), I work Saturdays until 7:00 pm.

Have a beer for me, y’all.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m a newbie living in Dallas. Ami Invited?

-Jesus Saves
He passes to Mike Modano. THEY SCORE!!!

Max: You COULD pour a little sugar in the gas tank…
Seriously, anytime you’re coming through Dallas, just email me and we’ll try to at least get together for lunch on your expense account wink

Greathouse: As long as the “dk” in your email addy doesn’t stand for “Donna Karan,” you’re in. Stay tuned for details.

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(BTW, is that pronounced “Seal-ay-mon” or “Sea-lemon”, or “See-ale-mon”? Always wondered)
I don’t have the actual time yet, but Soul Tsunami probably won’t take the stage until 9 or 10 pm. How long does it take to speed up here from Houston, anyway?
DON’T BE A BABY. Pop some No-Doz and come on up here! S

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I am so there.

With bells on.

Really. :smiley:

Will work for sig line.

I’ve got a Christmas party to go to that night, but I could stop buy either early or late.

Chef: IIRC, it takes at least two hours to get to Dallas. I haven’t driven up there in years. Besides, after working twelve hours, the last thing I wanna do is drive.

Give me a little more warning to take a few hours off, and i can go for it.

P.S. It’s pronounced “Silly mon”. But I like the “See Ale, mon” version, too. :smiley:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Sealemon: Why not “have seafood for lunch” that day, “Get violent food poisoning” and have to leave early? Food poisoning is the ultimate excuse: It doesn’t last long and NOBODY wants to learn the details. grin

Seriously, we understand if you don’t want to make the drive. It’s cool. Go see Cessandra in the RHPS instead.

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I love checking out new bands. where are they playing again? I’ll try and make it.

We live in an age that reads to much to be wise, and thinks too much to be beautiful–Oscar Wilde

Metroshane, they’re playing at Memphis, which is a club in a strip center on the south side of Belt Line, just a block or two west of the Dallas North Tollway. The date is Saturday, December 18th; I don’t know offhand when they start but it’s probably in the 9:30 to 10:30 range. Don’t forget to check out the sound files linked above if your computer supports sound!

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Okay, here are the tallies so far for who’s coming to the TEXAS DOPERS’ CONCLAVE:

Chef Troy
Cool Hand (later)


Sealemon88 (works that day)
MaxTorque (unless his truck gets “sick”)
Lion & Ayesha (transportation problems)

If there’s anyone I’ve missed, post away!

For those of you sitting on the fence, FIND A WAY. We really want you there. Here’s an idea for the Houstonians: Sealemon gets off work and picks up Lion and Ayesha. then sealemon gets in the back and catches a quick nap while Lion and/or Ayesha drive up to Dallas. That way L & A have transportation and Sealemon doesn’t have to drive after a twelve-hour workday.

Work with me, people, I’m trying to be helpful! grin It’ll be worth it.

I’m going to coordinate with Party Mistress Phouka on the where & when. check back in this thread for upcoming details in the next couple of days.

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I’ll be in Dallas!

…but not until the 22nd and only until the 25th. Oh, well. And then it’s a couple of days in the Waco-Killeen area before it’s back to the Trans-Pecos.

Waco on the 27th? Oh-boy!

That’s actually perfect…we’ll be needing someone to bail us out by then. wink

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