Texas dopers, who is less despicable, Tony Sanchez or Rick Perry?

I don’t think I’m going to even bother voting. The political ads from both of the candidates are so contemptible I’d rather sit back and pray that voter turnout hits an all time low. If the public shows their disgust by withholding their votes, maybe the campaings will be different next time.

If I had to pick a winner of an ad that pisses me off most this season, it’d have to be Sanchez’s ad depicting Perry’s traffic stop. It says something like “Perry bullied the young female officer” then proceeds to cut to Perry saying “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road” about 5 times.

When I first heard this one, I thought “That poor, young, defenseless female officer. They really should put the women with male partners to protect them.” :rolleyes:

The fact that they had to mention the word “female” in the ad shows me pretty clearly that Sanchez does not consider men and women to be equals. Too bad, he could have possibly had my vote, he does seem to care about education issues (but then again, don’t they all).

Perry lost my vote last year with his stance on the death penalty (hint: he likes it).

Maybe I’ll write in Mark Cuban…

It’s hard to believe this is the choice we’re left with.

Perry’s campaign manager said Perry would get the entire female vote of Texas, in reference I suspect to him being a face jock. Bullshit sentiment and bullshit logic.

Perry had a chance to do something and had he, he’d have won in a landslide. Instead he’s been horribly inept.

Sanchez though is trying to buy the election, not win it through ideas. And as someone who’s spent a lot of time in South Texas, I’ve heard for years about shady goings on with Sanchez-O’Brien, the family oil company.

Tony’s dirty.
Rick’s inept.

Hell of a choice, but I’ll grudgingly go with Perry.

I hate this choice. (I know my locale says “Foggy Bottom,” but that’s just my college. I’m a San Antonio native at heart.)

I’m torn between two people who are unelectable. Sanchez is despicable, in effect stating that he’s willing to buy the election. Perry’s not much better, not letting the legislature know what he plans to veto, so that there is nothing that gets done. Grrr!

Heck, I’d rather have the loser of the Dewhearst/Sharp or Kirk/Cornyn races become governor instead of one of these schmucks. I’d almost vote for Mark Cuban, too.

Also, I really can’t see the difference between the two candidates’ policies. Sanchez likes the death penalty, even though he’s (apparently) a huge Catholic. These two make me sick.

I’ll probably vote Perry, but not because I like him. If he were running against anyone else, I’d not vote for him. It’s just that I cannot stand Sanchez. He reminds me of the kind of politician that John Shields is.

AUGH! I want a “none of the above” slot on the ballot, please.

They both suck. But vote anyway, because otherwise you will miss your opportunity to vote for Tom Phillips (R) for Chief Justice and Maragret Mirabal (D) for Supreme Court Place 4. I enthusiastically endorse both candidates, and note in particular that Mirabal’s opponent has no qualifications whatsoever for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court.

Your cooperation is appreciated. :slight_smile:

none of the above…Richard Pryor right?

okay that’s it then! I’m voting for Richard Pryor and if he’s not available, then how 'bout John Candy.
seriously…Texas needs to do something about it’s politicians, esp. governors

look at what’s been available in the past several years

Rick Perry
Tony Sanchez
GW Bush
Ann Richards
Clayton Williams (remember him)
that’s damned disgraceful…and a shame

I’m surprised GHW Bush doesn’t have son #3 running.
I’m seriously starting to think my old man may be right.

“Just pick a side and vote a straight ticket. Don’t matter if Donald Duck’s on the ballot. He doesn’t make the decisions anyway.”

Another Texan checking in. (**DISCLAIMER: **I’m not a real Texan, I was born in Indiana)

Yep, the choices suck this year. For most of the above already listed reasons I am leaning towards Perry as the least offensive choice. Actually, most of the political races that I have examined are pretty damn grim in the state this election season.

Ah, for the good old days of the Mark White - Bill Cements matchups; I think we did that three times and nobody liked either one of them. I’ll probably wind up voting for Perry. Like lieu, my oilpatch experience has provided some background regarding Sanchez (heh, and we’re drilling a well 50/50 with him right now).

I Hate em both, will vote against perry.

But in reality, the governer of Texsa is little more than a figure head. Lt. Governer actually has more power than the governer for the most part. Look up thier duties some time.

Definitely voting against Perry now!

Check out this (most heinous) shit:


I can’t fucking believe it.
Even my extensive vocabulary off color words and phrases falls short of being able to display my disgust at this.

For verification of the first links veracity I provide these:
http://letfreedomringtx.tripod.com/Newsletters/November2001.htm (appearently he is pretty proud of it)

I think both Tony Sanchez and Rick Perry are pretty despicable. Everytime I see, hear, or read one of their ads I cringe. My opinion of who’s more despicable has varied throughout the campaign season.

Sanchez was more despicable at first with his accusations of Perry receiving money from the insurance industry in exchange for some vetoes. Plus, there was the “We didn’t elect him” slogan Sanchez uses.

Then Perry took the lead with his accusations of Sanchez’s banks laundering money for drug cartels. Perry’s camp maintains all of those ads are absolutely accurate despite the judge cited in the ads coming forward and saying the Perry is misrepresenting the matter.

I flip-flopped like this all summer as each one tried to one-up each other with negative ads. We had a Sanchez ad showing people didn’t have any idea what Perry had done in his time as governor while Perry cited management problems with Sanchez’s businesses.

Last week, Sanchez reclaimed the lead with the already-mentioned traffic stop videotape. However, Perry is back in the lead this week with the ads that say Sanchez all but pulled the trigger on a DEA agent who killed by a drug cartel that had money in Sanchez’s bank. It’s almost like a sick game: will Sanchez retake the lead next week or will Perry reign supreme again?

At the moment, I’m looking into the stances held by the Libertarian candidate for governor. I haven’t heard anything from him or the Green candidate.

Here is the website for the Libertarian candidate for TX governor:

Looks pretty good to me.

I lean conservative, and I’m an Aggie, so you would think I would jump at the chance to vote for Perry. But, man, that guy is a dim bulb. I really don’t like him at all.

Sanchez – what can I say. He’s just sleazy. Rich, but sleazy. I can’t make myself believe a word coming out his mouth.

Minty is right, though. Everyone should still vote. Even some native Texans don’t understand the importance of the statewide judicial races. And though I may disagree with Minty on some politics, he is right about Tom Phillips and Mirabel – they should be elected.

Hell, with the gubernatorial choices we have, Phillips should have made that race.

Perry is for sale to the highest bidder, Sanchez is his own asshole.

Sanchez turns me off with every million he spends on his campaign, but I’ve hated Perry ever since 2000 when he told the state lobbyists he wanted a list of how much their clients had contributed to him. I’ve hated him this long, why stop now? I’m going on my own track record and voting for Sanchez/against Perry.

If it makes any difference to anyone, personal experience tells me that Perry is distressingly stupid. In understand that Sanchez is crooked as all get out, but I’ll take crooked over stupid nine times out of ten.

However, both Tom Phillips are Margaret Mirabel are sharp as tacks. Did I mention that everybody should vote for them? :slight_smile:

They’re both musdlinging sacks of shite, and I’m not voting for either one of them.

I don’t mind a few negative ads during campaigns. It’s inevitable, and heck, you have to say a few bad things about the other guy. But really, when every single farging ad is negative, it begins to grate on my nerves. It seems to suggest that neither candidate has any good points, so they’re stuck with pointing out their opponent’s bad points.

And I’m really sick of Sanchez’s “We didn’t elect him” motif. Yes, we freaking DID elect him- as lieutenant governor, among whose duties is taking on the position of governor when the governor resigns! Deal with it!

Okay, I suppose my nicknme is a giveaway. But I’d still like to see what would happen if we had a guy like Rahul Mahajan running things down here.

I know, it’ll never happen. Beats not voting, though.

Tip for voters in the RGV: Vote AGAINST the guy that throws the best pachangas.

I’ll have to write those candidates down, minty!

Also, I’m sick of Sanchez’s “Not a Politician” thing. If he keeps shoving that stuff in my face, I’m inclined to believe him. Where does he get off saying that stuff, anyway? He’s running for Governor…on the Democratic ticket…is spending big bucks, literally wanting to buy the office…and is spewing negative ads all over my carpet, where I have to clean it up! Yeah, I’d say he’s a politician.

Remember, on election day, Sanchez is not a politician. No matter how you may think you see his name on the ballot, remember. He’s not a politician.

We need Bob Bullock back! :slight_smile:

Hooray! It’s next to impossible to get people to pay any attention to the judicial races in this state. Between you and me, Soup, we’re gonna swing this election. :slight_smile:

Hell, I’ll take Jim J Bullock!

Wow Soup, here’s what I came back here to say today…

“Even though I’m generally a conservative Republican, I think John Sharp has done more to eliminate waste in government than anyone in awhile. I’ll gladly vote Democratic in his office as I think he has the potential to be another Bob Bullock.”

Heh, great minds, eh?