Texas Senate: Guns okay. Feminine hygiene not okay.

My brains have just exploded all over my home office…

Apparently diabetes medications are bad too.

To be fair, none of those people were licensed to carry tampons.

And everyone knows that you want to be concealed-carrying when it comes to tampons.

Did you have to declare if you were carrying tampons? What if you already had one “in the chamber” so to speak? :eek:

They’ll take my DivaCup when they pry it from my… uhoh.

They have a lot in common with this this asshole:

That’s the mentality of anti-abortionists: dead women makes them laugh.

“Guns okay. Feminine hygiene not okay.”

This is one of the rules at my local gun range.

Well, actually they only ban pregnant women. And smoking. :smiley:

“I was cleaning it and it went off.”


Since the ban was concern that the feminine hygiene articles could be used as projectiles, and since guns are legal in the capital, the solution is to devise a gun which fires tampons.

A modified T-shirt cannon with an extended magazine?

Here’s something from my “crafts” folder: http://www.tamponcrafts.com/gun.html . It includes instructions for a bandolier and has helpful safety tips such as

That tweet has apparently been deleted.

Was it this?

Fox’s Erickson Directs Liberals To Coat Hanger Sales Site After Texas Abortion Bill Passes

Erickson has produced a long list of sexist comments, recently claiming that female breadwinners conflict with “biology” and “the natural world” and are “tearing [society] apart.” Last September, Erickson referred to the first night of the Democratic National Convention as “the Vagina Monologues” and later apologized.

Can we call it Tamponerf, or is that too close to real Nerf?

I was about to say that about my Instead Softcup. Hey, we could have a menstrual-cup-throwing contest and see who wins!

"If tampons are outlawed, only Outlaws will have Tampons.’

" In Mother Russia, vagina is inserted into tampon ! "

Joking aside, a cynical part of me wonders if this is an (incredibly stupid) anti-filibuster measure. Like, the thinking is that female senators won’t be able to stonewall an abortion bill if they’re forced to leave the floor in order to take care of their lady-bits.

Just out of curiosity: whose guns are being allowed into the capitol?

Are we talking about John Q. Public spectators with CCW permits? Or even just plain open-carry?

Are we talking about state officials (but not law enforcement)?

Are we talking about plain-clothes law enforcement?

ETA to say that the linked article in the OP wasn’t clear on whose guns are being allowed.

Per the link in the article’s first paragraph on the words “typically permitted,” it looks like anyone who shows their permit.

Ah. Missed that.

I which case: wtf? :confused:

The tree of liberty grows only when watered by the blood of menstruating women.