Text messaging: t9 prediction

Ok, so it’s become fairly standard for cell phones to have word prediction when you type, so that when you type “you”, you don’t have to hit each button multiple times to get to the letter that you want. You just hit the number that has the letter you want on it, and move on to the next, and it (hopefully) knows what you want. My question: “Needed” requires 5 consecutive presses of the “3” key. Are there words that require more consecutive presses of a button than that?


I guess that’s not a real word now that I think of it.

Still sounds badass though so it should be one.

I don’t think feeded is a word, but commonness and deeded both work. I wrote a little Perl script to find them… didn’t find any others, or any words with 7 or more consecutive presses.

“Deeded” is a real word. I don’t know when I’m going to send it in a text message.

However, my phone insists on “feeded” and doesn’t give me “deeded” as a choice.

While I’m at it, here are all the words I found with at least 5 consecutive presses:

Ababa, autonomous, autonomously, Babbage, baccalaureate, bedded, beefed, cabbage, cabbages, common, commonalities, commonality, commoner, commoners, commonest, commonly, commonness, commonplace, commonplaces, commons, commonwealth, commonwealths, deeded, embedded, exceeded, Fedders, feeder, feeders, gnomon, heeded, Higgins, homomorphic, homomorphism, homomorphisms, Monmouth, Monongahela, needed, Oconomowoc, proceeded, scabbard, scabbards, seeded, speeded, succeeded, uncommon, uncommonly, unheeded, unneeded, unseeded, wedded.

On a semi-related note; if you try to type the word “movies”, the phone will initially interpret it as “mother.” Are there any common words longer than six letters where this happens?

There are over 2000 words longer than six letters that match other words. Most of them are minor differences:

accuses = accuser
carrier = barrier
warning = warming

Limiting it to matches that differ by at least 3 letters, I can narrow the list down to under 150 words, including:

conquer = booster
exclude = exalted
forties = emptier
inspired = gossiped
request = pervert
sequencer = September
starves = quarter
success = rubbers (now there’s a safe sex slogan…)
suspend = supreme
swinger = pygmies