Predictive Texting "homographs"... (warning: some profanity)

To celebrate my millenial post I thought I’d pop into MPSIMS and post some, well, MPSIMS…

To all of those familiar with predictive texting, skip this paragraph, for all others this is what it is: Predictive Texting is a facility provided on many mobile phones to allow users to key in text messages quickly. Everyone I assume is familiar with the key associations:
In “regular” texting the word CECIL would be spelled thus: 222 33 222 444 555
Predictive texting allows the user to hit each repeated key just the once, the software then looks for matching patterns in the database, so CECIL would be spelled 23245. However, and this is the crux of my post, the “predicted” word is not always unique, in fact this is the case with CECIL which has a similar pattern to the acronym AFAIK (“as far as I know”), which is also in my dictionary, and the user must make extra keystokes to “scroll” through the matches to select the desired word.

I am proposing to make a collection of Prective Texting homographs, pairs of words that share the same keystokes. They are particularly interesting because of the potential for amusing/embarrassing/downright dangerous typos.

Some are boring, or merely annoying:
Some seem to hint at some hidden resonance:
Some frustrating:
DUAL=FUCK* (I mean, I NEVER use the word DUAL! C’mon!)
Some border on the surreal:

There, I’ve started you off, teeming millions, do your worse.
Also, I will award a small and intangible prize to anyone who can suggest a good name for the phenomenon, “Predictive texting homograph” just ain’t snappy enough to catch on…

The Great Unwashed

*FUCK is not in the standard dictionary, but users can add there own words

Okay, here’s a follow-up question…

What do you call a post that plummets off the thread list like a plummeting thing in a particularly plummeting mood?

A Lemming?

What do you call a post that plummets off the thread list like a plummeting thing in a particularly plummeting mood?

One of my Queer As Folk threads?


Second Guest (et al), thank you for joining in.

I am so surprised that this thread hasn’t generated more on-topic responses – these “predictive text typos” must happen ALL THE TIME. I myself have personally promised my girlfriend that I will “kick her puppy” just as soon as she got home.

Perhaps you had to be there.

C’mon people, lend a hand – there’s history to be made…

Sadly few people seem to find this amusing

I get a slight chuckle out of these (BTW my phone does say Japan when I type karaoke, and it’s in english) but since I rarely if ever text people, Ive never found any.

I’d really like to be able to stop thinking of these now…


Okay, now I think I’m done.

But, if slightly made-up words count, one more:


One I’ve actually encountered:

good = home

bus = cup
And I have a friend Heather - phone suggests ‘Heavier’…

Some from another thread (thanks for reminding me, TGU):

Also, my wife is Obdue, but her sister is Divine.

Okay, it seems that the number of people who care about this is vanishingly small.

Noone even attempted to claim the prize for naming the blooming things.

I swear never to mention them again (at least not until my bi-millennial post).

::thinks – will anyone notice that I just shamelessly bumped my own thread again?::

That one annoys me, my real first name is Heather so at the end of texts i often end up saying ‘love heavier xxx’

I honestly had no idea that anyone has ever actually sent a text message on a cell phone. Interesting.

I’m called Harry, and I always used to sign my texts with “Haz”, prior to the wonders of predictive text.

I soon stopped this, as when you put in the right key combo, you get;
gay, icy and hay before you get to haz

Pretty much the entire developed world sends them constantly apart from the US, it seems (as usual ;)).

The go => in annoys me.

I don’t know where they get their predictive text order stats from, but they’re clearly not oriented around messages people actually send on SMS. Also handy would be a phone that learns one’s own patterns of usage for certain words and adapts the preferences.

Mine does. But then, mine also recognises my handwriting, so there’s no need for predictive text. But it will offer completions based on what I’m writing and remember which words I use the most.

You should sign of with you full name, that should make you happy.