TF2 goes free to play

Valve announced today that the class based shooter TF2 would be free to play permanently. It’s certainly the highest quality game that’s ever gone free to play.

There are apparently some very minor differences if you never bought the game - smaller backpack and cosmetic items won’t drop for you, but that doesn’t affect the gameplay - you can still get every functional piece of equipment. And if you spend a cent in their game store (which is mostly just cosmetic items) you get upgraded to a full account.

I’m not a huge fan of this move because I wonder who would be interested in playing tf2 who didn’t bother to buy it when it was on sale for $5 many times. So I can’t imagine it’d bring in that many interesting people and mostly oddballs or maybe people from third world countries. But I figured I’d make a thread in case anyone wanted to give the game a try.

We have an SDMB TF2 Server where quite a few people get together a few times a week to play. Join us, and add me to your friends list on steam if you need help with anything.

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