Thai Students in Michigan Protest Restaurant's Name

I’ve never understood it, either–I see the one near Kerrytown in Ann Arbor and wonder what the hell the name is supposed to mean. Do they serve everything but Thai food? What’s the exclamation mark about? I was never curious enough to ask anyone. So now I know more. Way to go, Michigan Daily, the place has only been open for two years before you got on it.

I’m more bothered by the coffee shops in town named “Beaners.” Yeah, I know they mean coffee beans, but where I grew up the word was used primarily, if not exclusively, as an ethnic slur. I can’t get used to seeing it, and I work right across the street from one of them.

It would have killed you to type the name of the restaurant somewhere in the OP?

It’s: No Thai! :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a sports bar? Thai Game.

Or if you really want to offend with a sports bar, Thai-breaker

I believe there’s a Vietnamese place in Bellevue, WA called What the Pho?

I know it bothers people; that’s how it was brought to my attention, in fact.