Thank God For The 2nd Amandment

Since you fucking Yankmericans want your fucking guns in plenty then I say celebrate it when they are used for what they are meant to be used for - killing people.

No matter how many of you die you insist on holding onto those fucking things like they are your dicks so enjoy.

There is no civilized country on this planet that rivals you for murders by guns -especially mass-shootings (your favourite) so celebrate your celebrity. Embrace your superiority.

And talk about diversity! When one of you cretins goes off you don’t care about colour, age, gender, sexuality, religion or fucking anything. So long as there is someone to put a bullet in you are more than willing to do it.

You can’t intentionally execute a prisoner to save your fucking lives, but people out doing daily shit? No problem.

America is not great again it is still great - long may you continue to be!

Bunch of fucking retards you are.

You sure sound mad.

Not at all.

I’m sitting back with popcorn and watching you twits treat each other like metal ducks in a carnival shooting gallery.

Murder is a terrible thing. So were the state implemented mass murders of the 20th century. Neither are something to celebrate. But we live in an imperfect world.

I’m not celebrating murder I’m celebrating the 2nd amendment and your God given right to slaughter each other with wild abandon.

Where does the second amendment give people the right to murder others? I have a driver’s license. That’s something American society is in favor for. Does that give me the right to drive recklessly? No. Use some common sense man.

Well, I for one have heard enough.

Thread closed.

You guys want your fucking guns, you revel in your right to have and carry as many as you choose, you celebrate your freedom.

You reap what you sow and I chew popcorn and watch.

A person can legally own multiple military type weapons with no effective checks on it (see the backgrounds of the last how many shooters) and then you flip out because people get fucking killed?

Use common sense man.

Munch, munch, munch.

The Troll vs. Troll Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

Round one goes to Zeke for being more aggressive than octopus, and that early carnival shooting gallery zinger. Octopus is trailing with some fairly milquetoast replies thus far, but this could be intended to throw Zeke off balance in the initial volley.

Stay tuned as the battle continues into round two. This match has been brought to you by Depend adult diapers and *Trolls *the motion picture.

Get bent fuck for brains. Trolling is when you take a position you don’t actually believe for the sake of a reaction.

I believe this 100% You fucking idiots want to kill each other off until you come to your senses- fine by me man.

Munch, munch, munch.

America!!! FUCK YEAH!

Also we invented the paper clip.


Post-it Notes too

Only thing wrong with the OP is he’s attacking ALL Americans. I for one think the Second Amendment needs to be repealed.
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so if your in the uk ? why do you give fucks what we do ?

I mean I’m a moderate on this one but other than "that’s too bad "all the hand wringing isn’t going do fuck all about anything …

And we have a feeding! Post #14. The judges have confirmed this will be ruled the first feed of the thread. As anticipated that’s going to put Zeke way out in front, but the match is still in the early rounds. Let’s get back to the action.

ETA a second feeding for Zeke! Ladies and gentlemen, this match is not over yet but things are not looking good for octopus as things stand now.

well he could start a foreigners for American gun control if hes really worried … but this thread is going to get closed for the no "lets him and you fight " rule …

I can follow this rant. I mean, you’re oversimplifying, of course. And your tone is a little harsh, but this is the Pit. You fell a bit short when you omitted our media obsession with guns… and death.

I’m warmed that you care enough to send us your best, or anything at all, really.

Not the UK, he’s a Canuck. They’re not even a real country.

You shouldn’t post after smoking dope, my friend. If you do, you’ll put ignorant shit up on teh interwebz.

Oh, wait…too late.