Thank you, 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans)

{Definitely not mundane nor pointless, but neither is it a question or (I hope) a debate, so it goes here.)

Three years ago, four Canadian soldiers died to friendly fire in Afghanistan. They were there as part of Canada’s NATO commitment following 9/11. Their death from a bomb dropped by a US pilot caused a great deal of grief, to put it mildly.

Yesterday, the 187th Infantry Regiment, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, held a memorial service for the four Canadians, adding their names to their wall of honour:

Thanks for remembering our guys.

[Hijack] I was in Vancouver BC on 9/11. I did not have the TV or radio on before I went to work that day. My first knowledge of the events that day was when my co-worker in Toronto called me. I was stranded in BC until the following Monday night when I got to fly home.
The Vancouver Airport looked like Bob’s used airplane lot. IIRC correctly there were 36 planes lined up down the one runway.
I spoke with one of the passengers that was being put up in the local Hilton. The hotel had turned two of their ballrooms into dorms, one for male, and one female. They fed the passengers. I inquired about the food. I guess the manager told the chef that he did not want anyone going home saying bad things about the food at the Hilton. Roast beef, prime rib, roast turkey the works. Also they had to close the road into the airport the afternoon of 9/11 because so many local people were just showing up to offer a spare room, or sofa for a stranded traveler.
The weekend I was stranded, I drove up into the interior to play tourist. In some small town, I stopped to walk around. (I’m sorry but the name escapes me) anyway over the post office was the Canadian flag, and flying right next to it was an American flag. To say that was an awesome sight would be an understatement. I was amazed and it made me feel good that someone in that post office found an American flag and put it up.
Every Canadian I spoke with that week (and in other trips to BC) has offered support, and well wishes over 9/11.
It is sad that most Americans do not realize what good friends they have in Canadians. As a group Canadians rock.
I have been sitting here for about five minutes trying to think up a follow-up to that last sentence, but I can’t, so let me repeat, Canadians rock!
IMHO Canada and the US are like two brothers. We argue with each other, we make fun of each other, but when the shit hits the fan we are family. Never was this more obvious than on 9/11.
Thank you Canada