My condolensces to Canada

I just wanted to offer up my condolensces to our Canadian friends for our country’s dumb mistake yesterday that cost your countrymen their lives. I’m sorry for your loss.

I opened this thread expecting some kind of “'cause you have such a stupid government” OP.

I have been pleasantly surprised.

I think it’s very tragic, but everyone understands that mistakes can be made.

Stiff upper lip required here as we say in the UK.

All our love

My sincere thanks to the Canadians for their heroic efforts in Afghanistan and my utmost regrets at the tragic loss of life they have suffered.

I would like to reiterate the sentiments expressed above. Canada is a great country and a great neighbour.

Yeah, I feel real bad for our Canadian friends right now. Sorry it happened. I really appreciate having such great neighbors.

This was absolutely crushing to hear this morning. Our prayers and deepest appreciation goes to their families, friends and countrymen.

Yeah, that was really great news to wake up to today. Went to sleep ecstatic 'cause the Raps made the playoffs, and woke up broken hearted.

Thanks for all of your kind words.

This is such a generous statement. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if all neighbors were like this?
My sincere condolences to our Northern friends.


Deepest commiserations.

So far, IIRC, troops from (at least) the US, New Zealand, Germany and Denmark have died there as well, and there will probably be more to come. There are times when you’re reminded who your friends are. Puts squabbles about timber/steel tariffs into perspective.

First combat deaths since the Korean War. :frowning:

I suppose it just goes to show that however much one spends on advanced weapons systems, mistakes can still happen. I thank people who’ve posted here for their condolences.

Canada, besides being one of our quietest allies, has also been one of our most active allies and have always stepped up to offer direct assistance every time this nation has needed it in recent history. Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen have been in the thick of the action with American forces and our other allies from the beginning of this current action in Afghanistan, even if the American news media isn’t very good at reporting it.

Rest assured that those of us who pay attention are grateful for the assistance, and feel crummy about this accident. You can also be assured that the F-16 pilot who dropped that bomb is probably deeply distraught right now because of what happened, as upset as he would be if he had dropped munitions on a group of his own personal friends.

Please let me add my condolences to Canada as well. The States couldn’t have a better neighbor. We’re so sorry for your losses.

Canada quite simply rocks. Good natured teasing aside, anyone who wants to seriously insult Canada is going to have this American on his ass quick, and not just because I’m marrying a Canadian. I have found Canadians to be good-natured, fun, friendly people who have treated me with respect and been quick to count me as a friend. The ribbing that goes on is always of the big brother/little brother variety.

Thank you Canada for taking in thousands of airliners on September 11.

For standing beside us through thick and thin.

For sacrificing four of your native sons standing up to terrorism even though you weren’t the ones attacked.

Thank you Canada for being Canada.

In the dictionary, the picture for “good neighbor” should be a maple leaf.

Hear hear.

This American offers his abject apologies for this tragic accident and deepest condolences to the family and friends of the dead soldiers and to all the people of Canada, our allies and good friends.

Oh, man, how do you say, “I’m sorry” for something like this? What else is there to say?

I too offer my deepest condolences for the victims of this tragedy.

As a Canadian, and Edmontonian and an SO of one of our military, I feel for our families that have lost loved ones and the great pain they have in their hearts today, and I also feel tremendous sadness for those Americans who were involved.

All of the troops over in Afghanistan are there together as one. An allied force for the betterment of of the world we live in. To me, thats something we should all be proud of.

I have great respect for Americans and have many friends who are American, some in the military, some not. The border is such a fine line that sometimes it does feel like we are one big country.

As I watched the news tonite, I was saddened that one of our reporters was focusing more on blame than support. I don’t think there is any reason for anyone to apologize. It was a very sad accident and if something can be learned from this tragedy then the memories of all involved can live on in peace.

Bless us all and the causes our militaries stand for.

Loss of life is sad under any conditions. Thank you to C-Sue and all the Canadians that have posted to this thread…as just fellow human beings. My sympathy to all who were involved in this tragic event. May we all find peace in this time of unrest.

My father, brother, grandfather and numerous uncles have all been military men and, without fail, they all realize that the chance of being killed or wounded in a combat situation is always present, as do most military personelle and their families, I think. All the same, I cannot imagine the pain and loss that the families of those killed are feeling.

My heart goes out to those families, as well as the american pilot and his family. I’m sure the self-torment he is currently suffering for this accidental tradegy is huge.

Thank you to those south of the boarder for your kind words.

Alice (and her military family - yes I am an army brat.)