Thank you Cecil & Staff. I love the pictures.

Five years ago today, I decided to stop lurking and join the SDMB! Today, I received a beautiful signed picture of our beloved Cecil as a gift for my 5 year anniversary. I also received a smaller picture of the SDMB staff in the hot tub. I must say, it’s a handsome staff. Except for the guy with the bushy unibrow and the flared nostrils. I think it’s a guy but I can’t tell. Anyone know which staff member that is?

Go me. I’m 5 years old today.

For your tenth anniversary, you get invited to the hot tub for one night. You’ll be blindfolded so that you can’t find your way back again afterwards, though.

Thank you. You’re not the first to comment.

Happy Annivers, Morgenstern. The complimentary box of chocolates should be arriving soon, altho’ we’ve had a problem with FedEx deliverypersons devouring them.

The tuba is a dead giveaway.

Wait… I have to be here for another three years before I get a picture? Can I just pay for three years of membership?

Okay I didn’t get any of that shit. And I was a Charter Member before I let it lapse.

Where is my stuff?

Oh dear Og, please tell me that they didn’t use the pic of me in a chain mail bikini. Please, please, PLEASE! It was just a joke, everyone SAID that they’d never share that pic!

::runs from thread, sobbing hysterically::

I want my stuff. With interest!

I don’t think I got any photos on my five-year annversary. Guess the policy changed.

I did get extra hookers and blow on my ten-year anniversary, however. Something to look forward to! :wink:

All I got was a stinking goat!

It did come from here- right?

They don’t like you.

Or you.

No. They don’t like you, either. The goat was from that other site you frequent. We won’t mention its name. Wouldn’t want to spoil your reputation, here…

I think I do a fair job of spoiling my reputation here. And it wasn’t ME with those trumpet playing naked Siamese twins. It was my brother.

Wait, wait! :confused: TubaDiva has a stiff member? Who knew?

But he still won’t let you make an avatar out of it.

GD, RLH…:smiley:

What type of picture? Charcoal sketch? Oil painting? Since Cecil has never been photographed.

That’s not true. I understand his picture will also be on the 25 dollar bill due in 2015.

I got a fresh goat, but that’s because I paid extra for express shipping.

Yes, the Rwandan $25 bill. Add it to 10 million more Rwandan $25 bills and you’ll be able to buy a Chiclet

Thank you – I was wondering that too. This would be a picture of the same Cecil who’s never been photographed?

Were Cecil and Little Ed both in the staff picture? Have Cecil and Ed ever been photographed together?
[sub]Wait a minute. How can Cecil and Ed ever be photographed together if Cecil is never photographed?[/sub]