Thank You Dallas Dopers

I was waiting for Balance to post the meeting notes, but got impatient.

I want to thank all of you for show the LIONsob and I a wonderful time last weekend.

ChefTroy you are truly the words greatest host. Your wife was very gracious to allow us to invade your home in that way, I still think she needs to join SDMB, she has a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed ChefJr .

And just so you know, I would eat you(r cooking) anytime !!

It was good to meet all of you, you guys made such an impression on us that we did pick up a paper and we have started getting the LIONsob’s resume in order.

Anyone who gets the chance to meet these folks (Chef and family, Zyada, Grace, JimB, SkySlash, Adam Yax, Palmyra,
psiekier, Badtz Maru, and verious friends, spouses, SO’s and family members ) and passes on it is foolish IMHO.

And ladies JimB has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in my life !

I’ll be baaaack ! You have been warned.

Why thank you, Ayesha. You’ve swelled my head up so much that none of my hats fit properly. It was a delight to finally meet you, and I’m trying to figure out a way to accept your marriage proposal without ending my current marriage. (that’s pretty “big o’ me”, isn’t it? wink)

Whether you folks move up here or not, I hope you’ll make time to come visit again soon.

Thanks Ayesha, I need all the favorable advertising I can get.

I am so glad that y’all were able to come and join us. And I also hope that you’ll be a able get back up here again. And if it gets chilly out, I’ll be happy to, uh, warm you up.

While I’m at it, Chef and Mrs. chef, thanks for having us over and everything was great and lot’s of fun. Good to get to meet Badtz and Mrs. Maru.

And it’s always a pleasure being around the regular Addams family and their guests (Balance, Zyada, Grace(who arrived pretty early), Palmyra, Adam, Pete, SkySlash.) Hope Aglarond is feeling better so he can join us next time.

Another thing, the future Mrs. Slash sure looks a lot like Sky. Sky, did you pick her because she reminded you of yourself?

Thanks to all for another good time.

Ack! Sorry I missed that one. You got Sky out (only Doper I’ve actually met on another board besides Opal’s - hardwarecentral, Sky).

If you can get’em out once you can get’em again - I look forward to eventually meeting Adam Yax, Palmyra,
psiekier and Badtz Maru as well.

Oh well, we’ll do it again, I’m sure.

I thought the future Mrs. Slash was lovely. I thought she was way to quiet for the Dallas folks but then I realized that Sky Slash is pretty quiet himself. They were lost in themselves and that’s okay. They’re in love! ::sigh::

It sure was great meeting Ayesha and LIONsob. As my daddy would say, they’re good people. :slight_smile: Saturday’s weather was cooperating so it was really nice to sit outside and visit with them and Adam Yax.

I wonder if Psiekier and his date have come up for air? I think they were giving demonstrations of PDA. Wooo Golly! I thought I was gonna have to get the hose. :wink:

It took me a couple of hours and one mighty powerful hurricane to realize that Badtz Maru was my hero. His posts were one reason but he really cinched the title when he decided to skip the wine glass and drink straight from the glass. I liked Mrs. Maru too. She’d give him a look every once in awhile that had me giggling. I wonder when we can convince her to join the board?

Where is Balance? I was sure he would have posted his notes by now. I always hope that he’ll do it before me so I don’t have to type a whole lot and ruin my reputation as a 3 sentence poster.

The food was delicious. I especially liked the crawfish pie. I was wishing today that I had leftovers. Cheffie is a wonderful cook and Mrs. Cheffie is a lucky woman. Not only does he write love notes that’ll curl your toes, but he dances around the kitchen while he cooks. Cooks, cleans, dances, and able to put romantic thoughts into word. I swear he’s the perfect man!

Still, I missed Aglarond. I hope he’s feeling better now. It just wasn’t the same without him teasing Palmyra, although we did try to compensate in his absence.

One last thing before I go…

Jim does have beautiful blue eyes. I think that’s why he’s been married 11 times. Women get lost in them and before they know it, they’re Mrs. Jim (silent B). :smiley: I tried telling him that you didn’t have to get married to have sex but his system seems to work for him. :smiley:

Grace, if you want some leftover crawfish pie I can arrange that. It’s hermetically sealed in the fridge and just needs to be heated up. Speak my name and pick a time.

Ain’t working lately, neither the married part nor the sex.

I like being married. It’s the giving away my house that I’m starting to get tired of. I’m going to have a pre-nup from now on that says, “you can take a car, but I’m keeping my house”.

Yep, Badtz Maru pretty much became an honorable member of the family when he started drinking the wine straight out of the bottle.


Ugh, I kinda regretted that the next day.

Everybody there I talked to was really cool. I look forward to doing it again sometime, though I may try to drink the wine one glass at a time next time.

I’m sorry that I’m so late in posting this, guys–the past three days have been hellish. The brain-damaged neurotic *&%#$ for whom I’m cursed to provide tech support have been on a tear since Sunday, and half my coworkers computers have been crashing as a result of new software that management decreed we must use. Balance has been a very busy (and pissed) boy.

Now that the venting is done, here are the notes:

3:00 PM–Punctual fellow that I (sometimes) am, I arrived right on time, to find Cheffie in the kitchen, Shadowmaster (a non-SDMB friend of Chef) decorating the living room, and Chef Jr (apparently) on a dose of high-power stimulants. Chef Jr was overjoyed that I had finally remembered to bring my flashfingers powders again. While Shadowmaster was showing off his RC truck (he’s been racing it, apparently, and is quite pleased with it), Cheffie explained the rules of a game he had decided to instigate. Each attendee was to be issued a single string of beads–anyone caught saying the words “yes” or “green” or pointing with an index finger would forfeit a string to the catcher. The prize was to be an extremely silly-looking Mardi Gras jester hat (which will no doubt make many appearances in the photos).

3:15–I am dispatched on a mission: I must retrieve Ayesha and LionSOB from their hotel, and acquire a bag of ice and a bottle of Mountain Dew (for Shadow). As I depart, GRACE ARRIVES. Carefully following Cheffie’s directions, I soon found myself…back at Chez Chef! Isn’t it a shame that a fully-grown and generally fairly competent fellow like myself can get that lost no more than 5 miles from his own home? I’m still not sure how it happened.

3:30–I confirmed the directions with Cheffie, and recruited Shadow as a navigator. Once safely ensconced in my vehicle, I declared “lemming mode on”–meaning that I intended to drive in a straight line until directed otherwise, or until we drove off into the sea. Shadow is a clever fellow; he took the hint and provided (occasionally confused or belated) directions that eventually led us to the hotel. Ayesha and LionSOB were waiting, and apparently had no trouble spotting us as the emissaries of the SDMB–at least, no violence was required to cart them off with us. While LionSOB was acquiring the ice, Ayesha commented on the rather large quantity of Dew that Shadow planned to consume that evening. She assured me that it was insignificant; apparently LionSOB goes through about 4 liters of Coca-Cola a day. I can feel my myelin shuddering at the very thought.

3:45–Upon our Triumphant Return to Chez Chef, we found that JimB and Adam Yax had arrived during our absence. Cheffie had claimed temporary immunity to the rules while he explained them to the newcomers–not that that prevented his son from trying to claim his beads. Subtlety is not Chef Jr’s forte, and he was finding his efforts to trick people out of beads rather frustrating.

4:20–Cheffie was explaining the arcane mysteries of Hurricane mix to Adam Yax in the kitchen. Shadow and LionSOB were apparently talking shop–I couldn’t hear them, but my neepery-sense was tingling. Grace and Ayesha were socializing. I was scribbling frantically, trying to catch up on my notes, which is why I have little to report at this point.

4:30–psiekier and his GF arrived. She seemed to regard the band of merry lunatics he had dragged her into with considerable equanimity, and duly noted that, as Chronicler, I should be notified if she planned to do anything to humiliate herself in an entertaining fashion.

I triggered a flashfingers behind Chef Jr in an attempt to distract him from his quest for beads, startling the crap out of everyone except, it would seem, Chef Jr. In the aftermath, an impromptu finger-snapping contest worthy of a beatnik coffee house arose.

Quotes Out of Context:
Grace: “I’ll thump you back!”
psiekierGF: “They have small balls like that at the gym.”
I caught a vague, unquotable muttering about “ball-less exercises” from psiekier; is his GF due for a disappointment?

4:45–Mrs. Chef returned from work. Aglarond apparently didn’t feel well enough to come. SkySlash was running late.

4:55–Zyada arrived and was duly issued her purple beads. psiekier related a truly bizarre and implausible UL about a tarantula filled cactus. I had never encountered it before, and it led me to wonder how anyone could be gullible enough to believe it. Zyada began recruiting dirt-moving help; she had even brought along maps to her house. Once Grace and JimB had confirmed their volunteerism, Grace suggested attaching a beer to the front of the wheelbarrow to keep Jim motivated. Zyada promptly lost her beads to someone, prompting the comment “Now that I have no beads, the men have no excuse to stare at my bosom.” and the chorus “Since when have we needed one?!”

Chef Jr finally managed to trick Shadow out of his beads.

5:20–Street names, and the obsessively trendy naming conventions of developer, were discussed. Grace mentioned “Preston Vineyards” off of which various wine-themes streets spring. I wondered if the place would ever become so heavily developed as to require a “Mad Dog Drive” or “Mogen David Lane”. I described the ridiculous tangle of Robin Hood references around Sherwood Forest Blvd (on which I briefly lived during college) and an intersection of 6 streets (all variations of 25[sup]th[/sup] Street) that I encountered in Tulsa.

Zyada was recruiting again. “How can I bribe you to come help…short of sex.”
Shadow: “…I’ll get back to you on that.”
Jim, who had objected to starting on the dirt-moving in the morning on the grounds that he couldn’t start drinking beer before noon, was struck by an inspiration: If he kept drinking all night, he wouldn’t have to “start”.
Shadow: “The only problem is that beer and Pop-Tarts don’t go well together.”
Balance: “Beats beer and Cocoa Puffs.” <mass gagging event>

Jim’s 3D family tree came under discussion. I came away with the somewhat confused conclusion that some of his kids are in no way biologically related to each other or to any of his past wives (aside from being the same species, and I’m not sure I can guarantee that :wink: ).

5:40–LionSOB is deathly allergic to crab meat. Cheffie had apparently suggested that he could use fake crab meat, and LionSOB could fake his death, but the idea was shot down. I’m not sure quite what to make of this quote from Cheffie: “For those who don’t care to eat on their knees…”

psiekier is quite excited about the Pokémon plates. I think he was having pokachu flashbacks.

5:50–A discussion of movies arose; psiekier, the heretic, claims to have liked “Starship Troopers”. I was horrified and offended until I remembered what a movie-freak I was dealing with. Michael Winslow’s imitation of the really bad dubbing on old kung-fu movies was discussed, in relation to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (about which I’m reserving judgement until it hits the video stores).

Badtz Maru and Deena (sp?) arrived, and are directed to the food and drink.
<Eating noises>

6:10–Palmyra arrived, and promptly began to be teased, which led to explanations about the skeleton incident for the newcomers. That in turn led to a discussion of movies that must be watched drunk, stoned, and/or in the company of a crowd of friends (possibly also drunk or stoned). The general consensus was that “Army of Darkness” fit neatly into the category (over some objections from psiekier). Even he agreed about “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, though.

6:15–“Yax…Adam Yax”
Adam related the dark tale of intrigue, past misdeeds, and rampant bureaucracy that almost caused him to miss Samedi Gras. His overt mission in Montreal was simply to undergo a physical examination and interview in an effort to acquire a green card. He has apparently been using that cover for some 10 years now and, thanks to the elephantine bureaucracy involved, it’s still plausible. To add verisimilitude, the top-secret agency (even he doesn’t know who they are) which sanctioned his mission arranged for his flights to be delayed. His cunning plans worked–he retrieved the crucial documents for which he had ventured back into his native land. All seemed well, but the bureaucrats were on the move. They attempted to block his passage at the border by producing records indicating that he had long ago attempted to cross the border with <gasp> a quarter ounce of marijuana. Clearly, such a diabolical fiend must detained! Agent Yax, too well-versed in the ways of his foes for such an elementary maneuver, trumped them by signing a document swearing not to marry while in the US. The overwhelming pointlessness of this so fascinated the bureaucrats that he was able to make his escape while they remained entranced. Such is the fiendish subtlety of Adam Yax, who once passed so well as a Russian in Moscow that he was nearly arrested for trying to sell Russian military equipment (a watch he had just bought) to an American (which, of course, would be a silly thing for which to arrest a Canadian :rolleyes: ).

Ayesha reported that the patio contingent, including herself, LionSOB, and Zyada, were taking turns stroking the Chef. I confess that I knew not what to make of this proclamation.

psiekier admitted that he hasn’t seen “Toy Story 2”, a severe shock to the group. We had all assumed that he had seen every frame of film ever shot.

Computer viruses infiltrated the discussion. Shadow had an interesting story about Micro$oft “support”. A user contacted him about a virus received in Lookout!; Shadow contacted M$ about it for some reason which remains unclear. The tech he spoke too asked him to send in the virus. Shadow, naturally wary, asked how he should send it…and was told to “just forward the email”. Smirks appeared as we realized where this was heading. Sure enough, the idiot tech opened the virus and let it loose in the M$ network.

Palmyra mentioned a paired virus in which each member of the pair monitored the other, and replaced it if it were deleted. Shadow and I recognized this as the classic “Robin Hood and Friar Tuck” hack, which dates back to the days of big iron and punched-card programming.

News from the patio: Ayesha is reported to be playing with Cheffie’s balls, while LionSOB looks on.

At Palmyra’s request, here are direct links to DFW dopefest pictures:
Irishman’s Invasion
The State Fair and the The Ditch

psiekier apparently doesn’t think his picture shows up enough. Grace noted that she thinks she once saw it on an episode of “Cops”–the one about the Bruce Campbell stalker.

Cheffie wandered in, talking about Oriental artistic styles with regard to composition in art photography–particularly emphasis on environmental factors over people in the composition.

Shadow reported that he once opened a conversation at an office party (during his first week on the job) with the words, “So there I was, standing in line at the adult video store…” He said that the conversation soon fell prey to the spreading ripple of silent, shocked stares.

Palmyra, who had been sitting next to psiekier and his GF ever since we started eating, delicately pointed out that “These two need to get a room.” The couple in question was apparently oblivious to the comment at the time :smiley:

7:25 (Sorry about the long gap in timestamps)–It’s time for more Quotes Out of Context!
Palmyra: “All I have to do is swallow the baby.”
Multiple sources/chorus: “Zyada’s sucking on the baby.”
(It’s hard to beat a king cake for causing disturbing comments.)

Ayesha quoting Byzantine: “The seam is your friend.” :confused: I guess you had to be there.
Grace, on Aglarond’s underwear: “He’s so thin…I can’t imagine anyone making underwear that would fit him that doesn’t have, like, Pokémon on it.”

Shadow is showing off his truck again, this time to JimB, psiekier, and psiekierGF.

7:55–Radio call signs that proved…awkward…were discussed. Several folks remember a radio station with the call sign “KUNT”; it has apparently been changed since. Palmyra commented on “radio voice”, the clear, practiced tones of professional announcers and talking heads. She notes that someone like Peter Jennings can reproduce a horribly inarticulate speech (Rodney King’s “Why can’t we all just get along” was an example she gave) and make it sound profoundly impressive, just by editing out the inarticulations ("um"s, "ah"s, and the like) and applying his trained voice. I pointed out that the teleprompters don’t hurt.

8:00–Guest Correspondent Palmyra had been leaning against the back of the couch as we talk. The tangle consisting of psiekier and his GF were right behind her. Here is her report:
“[psiekier] mumbled something about ‘need to get out of clothes’, which only I heard. She responded with some kissing noises.”

Our Guest Correspondent’s conclusion? “These two really need to get a room.”

Somewhere around this time, Ayesha and Chef Jr have been declared co-winners of the bead contest. Chef Jr chooses the hat, while Ayesha promptly dons the elaborate, little-plastic-baby-encrusted string of beads that had been intended for the mask-making gaming (which we never got around to).

From across the room, I heard Zyada comment earnestly, “Blue jays are very aggressive.” I decided not to ask.

8:10–Amidst teasing, psiekier and his GF finally depart in search of that room. Ayesha seized psiekier about the knees to try to prevent his departure. Skyslash and his fiancé apparently departed without my noticing. Were they ever really there, or were they just another manifestation of the growing Myth of SkySlash? Next time, on “Unsolved Mysteries”…

Another Quote Out of Context–Palmyra (somewhat plaintively): “I don’t have a trick.”
She saw me making a note of that and accused me of having a dirty mind. I’ll allow my illustrious readers to draw their own conclusions about the state of her mind. :smiley:

8:20–Adam departed. We cancelled the call to INS.

8:30–Shadow was playing with Chef Jr’s parabolic mic, deliberately pumping feedback into his own ears. Well, there’s no accounting for tastes. The little toy works, but it’s not very directional, so I scrapped any ideas for using it to track conversations at future gatherings. Shadow seems rather taken with Palmyra, for which I certainly can’t fault him. (He promised dire vengeance if I mentioned this, but I scoff at such threats. Hey! Stop! Cut it oummmph…)

Outside, the conversation has returned to food. Flan and green olives are discussed at length, along with the culinary inadvisability of combining the two. The show “Jackass” was discussed, but Shadow’s talk with LionSOB about RC racing is closer and overloading the microphone, so I’m not sure what was said.

8:45–Palmyra departed quietly, leaving Shadow a bit downcast and me without a convenient target for teasing.

Deena and I started talking about RPGs–it turns out that she and Badtz are regular table-top RPGers. We reminisced for a while about the Tomb of Horrors, and how our groups coped (or failed to cope) with the hazards therein. I told her a bit about the IFGS, the Live-Action Role-Playing group I play in, and them to come out and watch our next game. (As soon as I get the details from the producer, I’ll let you guys know.)

9:00–Badtz and Deena departed. Deena was planning to drive, Badtz to sail (judging from the way he was tacking :smiley: ). Jim, Zyada, and I started talking about screennames. We discussed the possibility that online communities may just be ahead of the curve, with a use-name system becoming more common in mainstream society in the future. It’s an interesting conjecture, anyway.

Zyada was called away for some sort of emergency consultation on the patio.

Shadow and LionSOB are talking about hacking, and lamenting the fact that inept little script-kiddies and cracker wannabees are being called by the profound title of “Hacker” without earning it.

9:45–Grace, Zyada, and JimB departed. Chef related some stories about working at Wendy’s that I will leave to him to repeat, if he so chooses–my notes have wound to an end, and all that I remember clearly is something about a gay manager walking up to the front counter, where he found an interesting tableau: Cheffie resting his hand on a female coworker’s breast. “You breeders take it in back.” Cheffie recalled the difficulty of restraining the knee-jerk wisecrack. Here endeth the Chronicle of Samedi Gras.

The hospitality of Chez Chef is above reproach. As always, Cheffie worked miracles in the kitchen. The food was marvelous, the drink flowed freely, and the company was of the best. I had a wonderful time, and am already looking forward to our next get-together.

I swear I’m gonna try and make it back out there this summer to see y’all again. :slight_smile: You have WAY too much fun for me not to.

(Besides, a little bird told me my name was brought up…) :wink:

Swear up and down three times, that quote isn’t mine. That one belong’s to Zyada, which is where the “sucking” quote comes from.

That one was Grace; I know because I was there. :slight_smile:

Looks like I missed a great time, but I’m certainly glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I know it must be hard without me there. :smiley: I’m feeling much better now, so I’ll hopefully be able to make it to the next one. I thought a couple of times about going anyway on Saturday, but decided the possibility of puking all over Chef’s carpet was too much of a risk. I’m sure I’ll catch you all at the next one.

Oh, and Grace. About the underwear comment. Perhaps you missed my ‘commando at the doctor’s office’ story. When I do wear underwear, though, it’s never Pokemon. The red and blue Superman briefs have always been a favorite of mine.

I did not miss the ‘going commando’ story. We couldn’t picture it which is what prompted the Pokemon underwear comment. There were a few other comments, but I’d better not mention them because they were a tad naughty.

I am glad you’re feeling a little better though. We need to plan another party so you can come.

Sorry, Palmyra, I’m quite certain the “swallowing” quote is yours–we were talking about evading the responsibility for buying the king cake next year.

You may be right about the other one, though–things were getting a bit hazy at that point, courtesy of some muscadine wine.

She’s right about the Rodney King comment. That was me. I can see the misunderstanding. We look so much alike and all. :smiley:

I’m sorry - I had intended to post the pics to the web last night but it was pre-empted by a barfing child. I’ll shoot for tonight.

(I know, I know… what’s my excuse for the CHRISTMAS pictures?)

There’s just one little detail: I didn’t have any of the King Cake. I was eating a piece of Grace’s birthdaycake.

Ours are still at the developers. But we are having them put on disk and are going to try to put them on our home page. That should be most entertaining since neither of us have done anything like that before.