Thank you, Dopers - I just saw Battlestar Galactica

Thank you because I’ve seen this mentioned about the boards, and the way it was mostly mentioned was with an attitude that every sci-fi fan had seen it. Well I hadn’t, so I rented it and just watched it.

I really liked it. They did good by making the Cylons robots, better than trying to make a strange alien race. And the sense of desperation that was imminent really kept you riveted.

I particularly liked the line where they tell the father & the last of the previous 12,
“There are two fighters missing.”
Father: “Who?”
“It’s Captain Apollo, sir.”
Father: sigh…“Who else?”
I just liked the feel of brave father, brave son.

I wonder if Best Buy sells the DVD…'cause it looks like I’ll be buying it.

The DVD should be for sale, and the first season DVD’s should be on sale just prior to the premiere of season two. At least that’s what I’m expecting.

First season? Second season? I just saw the movie.

The movie was the pilot for the series. Season One just ended. Very good, it was. Season Two starts soon, and they have all sorts of plot threads hanging that they can play with. Repeats of Season One are Friday nights on the Sci-Fi channel, at 10pm.

Eh, I don’t have cable. Just wanted to see the movie.

Which did you watch, the original or the Sci-Fi channel reimaging of the series?

The movie says 1978…I’m thinking that’s the original?

Yup. The series lasted a couple of seasons, IIRC, and then was cancelled over politics within ABC, brought back as the excretable Galatica 1980 (supposedly after some kid killed himself), then was quickly killed and forgotten by all but a few. Some years ago, Dirk Benedict (aka Starbuck) tried to revive the franchise, but was squashed. Now sci-fi channel’s reimagined it, with mixed success (half the people who liked the original series love it, the other half hate it).

Really? Mostly what I’ve seen is pretty much rave reviews for the new series.

I personally think it’s some of the best SciFi TV has ever produced.

I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know how good it is, but if you dig up the threads after the series premiered, you’ll see a good number of Dopers who didn’t like it. I don’t know how many of them have changed their minds since then. I suppose it’s like anything, however. You have people who will like it because it’s sci fi and they like anything that’s sci fi, you’ve got other people who’ll hate it because it’s not the original, and then there are those who hate it because of something like acting or whatever, and others who’ll ignore that and like it because of some of the story elements.

Are we talking about the new series, or just some remastered showings of the old series? I was talking about the new series, so maybe I misunderstood what you were talking about.

The OP was talking about the original series. My comments about people disliking Battlestar Galactica are about the new series. I saw the original series [geezer voice] when it first aired [/gv], but I haven’t bothered with the remake, since from what I’ve been able to gather many of the changes were simply “change for change’s sake.” Doesn’t mean that it’s bad, of course, like I said, I haven’t seen the new series, so I can’t comment on it’s quality.

I recall BG TOS from childhood and playing games in the yard like I was on the show. I think we had a comic book of the show, too.

Anyway, the new version is amazingly good. The acting is good to great, the show’s design and photography is great, the humor is amazing and the mythos and commentary on current politics outstanding.

It may be good, or it may be bad. But what it isn’t is Battlestar Galactica, name or no name.

And this is a Good Thing, because the original series sucked muffett dick. Bad writing, bad acting, bad plots, bad special effects, bad mythology, bad everything. I watched it religiously when I was a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things. :smiley:


I assumed we were talking about the new series. I can barely bring myself to watch the original series anymore.

And then there are those who are not all that impressed by either series, but recognize the more complex sensibility the new one has. The series, while having the same basic premise are really apples and oranges.

So did I. I call the newer version “The One for Grown-Ups.”
I finally got to watch all the eps. A very kind Doper sent me the DVDs, since I don’t have cable. Good stuff!

What does it mean, “muffett dick”?

And you have balls to quote St. Paul on the SDMB. :slight_smile:

'Course, you are getting quoted a bunch your ownself.

Mrs. Plant hated the first series, yet hates the new one because it is not like the old one. But then, she’s not from around here.

Did Benedict having a role in the new one improve realtions with viewers of the first series?