Thank you for that "helpful" answer!

I am part of a forum that centers on the feeding and care of chickens (primarily those people are keeping as pets).

This Rooster(Barred Rock named JoJo) and this Hen (Silkie named Sponge) created these two named Smidge and Smudge.

One part of the forum is for people to ask what gender, breed or color their chick or chicken is. I asked what the gender (they think they are both pullets (young females)) and what color they are.

I got this as a reply:


Thank you, I had no idea I had translucent chickens!:smack::rolleyes:

The posters, over all, are very helpful when it comes to medical and feed related questions, but some posters are so caught up in “breeds” and the preservation of them that it gets vexing at times.

I couldn’t tell you the sexes, but since you have the chickens, I don’t quite get why you need someone to tell you the colors (fireplace-ash grey and rusty-used-motor-oil brown, btw).

Looked like Sunday dinner to me.

When they’re newly hatched, you might be able to tell the sex by the length of specific types of wing feathers:

How to tell baby chickens sex male/ female

I’ve done this in an animal science lab and we got most correct.

And since it’s the Pit: Fuck those guys.

Just curiosity.
Chickens come in a TON of colors.

You got the roosters, the hens, and the chickens. Who is having sex with who? I don’t get it!

…And why do I imagine Brodi (who, coincidentally, shares the same name as my dog, though Brody can spell it correctly) dressed up as Colonel Sanders, with his pants around his ankles, touching himself while thinking of pullets, until he finally shouts “it’s finger-lickin’ good” at that magical moment?

Don’t forget this guy.

“Translucent” means having semi-opacity, not lack of color.

They’re all chickens. The rooster has sex with all of them.

If you can pullet, it’s probable a male.

Gorgeous chooks, Brodi. Unfortunately when it comes to backyard chicken forums you have to take everything with a grain of salt, give higher weight to replies that are formed in complete sentences with few grammatical and spelling errors, and ignore pretty much everything you read (but enjoy all the pictures you see.) It’s pretty frustrating, I know. When you finally find a poster that knows his or her stuff stick close by and look for those replies.

FWIW I’m pretty confident in the goons who post in the backyard chicken thread at Something Awful. There are several competent folks there who are amusing and who also don’t suffer fools. Good luck. Bok!

Oh, how I know what you mean!

Bozo just replied to another post I made claiming the feed I feed (Purina Flock Raiser) is “crap” and that he/she would rather feed their chickens “dirt” then a Purina brand feed. :rolleyes:

There are only two chicken colors I’m familiar with – white and dark.

Yeah, and the fact that your flock is thriving won’t sway him because [ignorant reasons]. Seriously, check out the thread at Something Awful. I read all five million pages right after we bought our coop and first chicks and it was both hilarious and invaluable. That’s still the first thread I go to when I open that forum.

Sane people posting on the internet; I thought this was the only place that miracle occurred!:eek::slight_smile:

The sanity ends when you venture out of that specific thread. Then again I’m not sure chicken owners are all that stable to begin with but we do have a lot of fun anecdotes to make small talk less awkward at parties. So there’s that. :slight_smile:

How sane can anyone group be who collects small fowl like they’re Pokemon?:cool:

Hopefully sane enough not to take that simile any further. :eek:

So, interrupting the conversation about global politics to fix us each in turn with a penetrating gaze and whispering “I…know things. About chickens…” makes small talk less awkward at parties?