Thank you New Yorkers!

I had a pile of errands to run in Manhattan yesterday prior to meeting a friend to see the ballet.

While running said errands I had my toddler and her carriage with me. I took both carriage and toddler on the subway eight times. Even though none of the subway elevators were working, not once did I have to carry my child and the carriage up or down the subway stairs by myself. At every juncture someone stepped forward to help me lift the carriage up.

New Yorkers, you are truly a group of fine and kind individuals. May each and everyone of you who helped me in my long day yesterday have at least one dream come true. You almost make regret leaving the city for my pretty suburban house. :wink:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Yeah, and people are always gettin their wallets back that they leave in taxicabs, too. See any tabloid Letters Page.

“Anyone can be good in a crisis. It’s the day-to-day living that gets you down.”
– paraphrased from Chekhov

This is why I live 25 mi outside NYC rather than in it.

I am surprise you are surprised.

Sure, New Yorkers have a well-deserved reputation of being quick with the rude comebacks…but the city dwellers are quick to help someone out who needs help.
It has been years since I lived there, but I remember once a guy passed out on the subway station and immediately, someone ran for help, another guy took off his jacket and put it under the man’s head, and another directed people to move around the man in the rush that was going on. It was as if it were directed for a film. I was also there during the huge blackout in the late 70’s. People were offering rides to strangers stranded at subway stations, people helped carry little old ladies down the stairs, local shops offered free bottles of water…so many acts of random kindness.

In a crisis, I could think of no better city to be in than New York City.