Thank-you US border guards

Ahmed Ressam was captured by American border guards as he was trying to cross into US with explosives and a terorrist attack plan on Seattle 2 years ago. It has now been revealed that he and recently arrested in Vancouver Samir Mohamed had planned a huge bomb attack at the busy Montreal intersection of Laurier and Park Avenues in Outremont after seeing Jewish people on the street “with long curly sideburns”.

I have no doubt the the capture of this guy led us to Samir. USA, you saved our asses after we let this guy slip through our fingers. For any Canadians who thought this terrorism was only an American problem and only caused by American politics, I think it’s time to reconsider. I hope this leads to an increased Canadian commitment to the war.

Balduran, do you have a news reference for this?

It’s all over the Canadian news sources today. You could go to or for instance.


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This is very interesting, Balduran. Thanks for posting it.

Minor nitpick, I thought Ahmed Ressam was the one planning the millenium bombing at LAX, not Seattle.

That said, I saw an interview the other day with the customs agent who arrested the millenium bomber. He said they initially pulled the car out of line because they suspected he was running drugs. When they searched the car, they found, among other things, hundreds of baby food jars filled with a clear liquid. When the customs agents picked up the jars and shook them (out of curiosity apparently), Ressam immediately ducked under the car out of fear. The agents then came to learn that the jars contained a highly volatile homemade explosive that could have easily been detonated by shaking. Yikes.

My mistake, it was the LAX. It is dissapointing how quickly this story is fading in our media.

You’re welcome rowrrbazzle. I think a lot of Canadians are living under a false sense of security, that these things won’t happen here 'cause everyone looooves us. I really hope this will wake us up.

Never heard that Chupacabra, pretty scary.

This is something I have been saying all along.

A message to Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, etc…This is NOT just a USA problem. We may be the big dog, but don’t think for a second that these boys won’t do something similar to you.

God I hope not.

Of course, Europe has suffered many more terrorist attacks thant the U.S. The IRA bombings in England, Bader-Meinhoff & Co. assassinations and bombings in Germany, the takeover of the Iranian (?) consulate in London, the assassination of Aldo Moro, the shooting up of an airport terminal in Rome… the list goes on. Oh, and let’s not forget the countless suicide bombings and other attacks in Israel. Meanwhile, we Americans sat over here fat and happy saying, “Well, at least it’s over there. Thank god it can’t happen here.”

I think we need to step back and say that at least since the 1970s “this is NOT just a European problem. Don’t think for a second that these boys won’t do something similar to us.” And then it did. An American terrorist blew up a federal building and Middle Eastern terrorists bombed the WTC (and succeeded the second time).

This is indeed a worldwide problem.


  • everyone looooves us.*
    I love Canada! :slight_smile:

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I love Canada! :slight_smile:

You’re just buttering us up Johnny because you want our energy. :wink:

Haven’t you heard? California now has too much energy! We’re selling it for less than what we paid for it! (Not quite sure how that works, since electricity is a “use or lose” commodity – must have to do with the contracts the CA government signed.)

Anyway, as soon as I’m laid off from my job, I’m moving to Washington. Oh, I’ll enjoy the weather and the trees and the fresh seafood; but the real reason I’m going up is so that I can dump money into the Canadian economy. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am well aware of Europe’s past problems with terrorism.

I meant specifically OBL & Co.