Thanks, CNN, for spoiling "24" for me

I never got to see the show “24”, but it sounded really interesting. So today I was looking at the CNN website, and there was a story about the DVD release of “24” having an alternate ending. I foolishly opened up the article and found that it immediately spoiled the ending of the show. (I won’t spoil it here, but if you’ve seen the show I guess you’d know what they revealed.) Apparently a lot of people were unhappy with that ending, and the DVD is going to include a different ending.

(It would be worth a separate thread to debate the issue of alternate endings; apparently a lot of people hate anything that doesn’t have a happy ending. Maybe they’ll put out a version of “Romeo and Juliet” where the kids live happily ever after.)

So, don’t read that CNN article if you don’t want to know how “24” ended. I’m still going to watch it when I get a chance; the few glimpses I had seemed really intense, and the premise was great.