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Geez- that’s your beef? How’s bout the time when I ‘won’ an item, immediately paid via paypal, paid extra for insurance on the package. Got all of those emails, ‘your payment was received’, ‘your package was sent out’ etc. waited for a month, no package, emailed seller:

“what is your address?”
replied, giving address (again - since I’d given it twice in the paypal message, once again in the email confirming payment etc.). They replied “we sent it, you should get it soon”.

waited another couple of weeks (international, ya know). tried again. “what is the problem” I haven’t gotten the package. “what is your address?”

Tried to file complaint w/paypal, can’t 'cause it was international or something like that. Filed complaint w/ebay. “you must wait 10 days for them to respond” on the 10th day, they responded with “what is the problem”. I haven’t gotten the package/ “what is your address?”


went through the entire process w/ebay, nada. Ebay did jack shit. paypal did jack shit. Remember I’d paid extra for insurance? jack shit again.

Gave negative feedback.

They gave negative feedback right back “we could have worked this out! bad communication”.

So, you got no sympathy from me on that.

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Yeah, but there’s got to be some sort of way to reduce the amount of redundancy here. Getting six e-mails at the exact same time is just, well, silly.

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Hee. I finally busted my eBay cherry–Ok, it was a “Buy It Now”, but still, I “WON”!! It took some real exploring to find the place to set all that notification stuff to “uh-uh”.

I just won an auction without reading all the details regarding shipping. I sent an email to the seller asking when I might expect it. They reminded me: we will ship within 20 days. Lucky it’s not something that I need to have by Christmas!

Not to stray too far off topic, but have you noticed how all of eBay’s commercials now tout the notion of the item somehow being worth more to the eventual buyer because it was “won” as opposed to “bought?”

WTF is that? I’m in advertising and I don’t get it. Do they expect people to be happy that they bid something up for emotional reasons rather than rational ones?

given that people readily buy stuff on ebay for MORE than it can be bought new from vendors such as or, then yeah, i think some people get caught up in the auction, and lose sight of the value.

Whatsa matter? Don’t you want to be a winner?

Don’t you want to be able to jump up and down and say “I won! I won!” Saying “I bought!” doesn’t have nearly the same excitement level.

Yikes. You always gotta read the shipping info. Otherwise you’ll end up buying a little stone giraffe for $0.50 with $39.99 shipping. :eek:

And yet, when your account gets “suspended for suspicious activity” you receive exactly ONE email, that somehow bypasses your email filters and ends up in junk.

Same sort of thing with my bank. They have never sent me an email that was meaningful in any way whatsoever. The best way to inform me that their accounts has possibly been compromised was by sending me a generic envelope with a new atm card in it. BUT, I have 47,000 emails telling me about the car sales going on.

Ha ha! That’s funny!

… so, what’s an “ebay”? :confused:

Just received:

And, of course, all links go to

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