Thanksgiving Dinner Today: Time Shifting Begins

So there was this odd deal during the “real” Thanksgiving where if you bought one turkey, you got a second one for free.
It is cold for Vegas standards, so we figured we would do the turkey today and, as long as we are doing it, might as well go all the way and do the rest of the fixin’s.

Of course, when we went to Walmart to buy the stuffing, ingredients for the green bean casserole, etc. we noticed they have five rows of Valentines Candy set up, they have the summer BBQ grills set up and on sale in the garden section and I saw boxes of Easter decorations they had on a palette.

Geez - by the time we finish our last turkey sandwich next week, they will be unpacking Halloween costumes.

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like time flies in retail faster and faster and it is only a matter of time until they just leave all of the holiday items out year-round.

Oh well - off to fix my yams.
Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

Hmm, maybe we should put the Christmas tree up again next week - happened to notice there was a sale on Christmas decorations in aisle 6.

What’s the matter with them? (insert shit-eating grin emoticon here)

Seriously, though, turkey dinner is too good to have once or twice a year. As a starving collitch student, back in the day before 5.99 a pound massaged with beer by Asian monks turkeys, more like behemoth 29 cents a pound frozen turkeys, we would quite often make one with all the fixins and feast for a week offa the remains. Good times.

I have been forced to implement a 2 turkey cap here at our house. My guy loves his turkey and he adores keeping his larder crammed full at all times. We already celebrate both Thanksgivings, (we have a lot to be thankful for, don’t you?), Christmas, do a New Year’s bird etc.

But when they put them on sale at the grocery you know he can’t resist. The freezer was full, including 2 birds and he wanted to buy a third. Hence the turkey cap. He cannot buy another unless he cooks up one, that’s the rule.

So, we had turkey last weekend. Invited over some university students we know and had a wonderful feast. They think the turkey cap is hilarious and are more than happy to bring their appetites over to help him out. University students need nourishment, lord knows, we’re just doing our part. Of course he has to have all the fixin’s with it!

We’re going to do the marketing later today and I’ll bet he buys another, because he’s one short at the moment - can’t have that! I always tell our friends should the bomb fall and we’re wiped out be sure to stop by my house as there is enough food to keep them alive for months!

Funny, I’m doing the exact same thing tomorrow with my spare turkey. I was saving it for a time that I would be broke and want about 4 days of food. A 13 pound turkey is going to feed the two of us from tomorrow through Thursday. Tomorrow: turkey and mashed potatoes with steamed green beans. Monday: BBQ pulled turkey with oven fries. Tuesday: Sandwiches. Wednesday: Enchiladas. Thursday: Soup. Then I get paid.

I noticed this week at my local grocery store that a lot of the Thanksgiving/Christmas-type foods, such as the cream of mushroom soup and french-fried onions for green bean casserole, were on “manager’s special”. The fruits for making fruitcake were especially discounted.

Nothing to add about turkey.
But, I bought a 4-pack of Cadbury Eggs on Christmas Eve.