That Best Buy commercial featuring that spastic black man

Congrats. You’ve set race relations back decades.

I’ve never seen someone act like such a freaky idiot for no reason whatsoever.

Yeah, you’re orgasmic for Spiderman, I forgot. Kudos. I hope your pay was good. You fucking tool.

You look like the biggest asshole EVER in the history of non-phone company TV commercials, and that’s saying something.

What about that guy prancing around in his underwear like a kangaroo on crack on those Kmart commercials?

I hate that commerical. Best Buy sucks, never buy anything there.

Frankly, I think your rant is 180 degrees off. Traditionally, it would be a white guy acting like an idiot. The fact that he’s black just indicates to me that we’re all equal oportunity idiots in commercials now. Sadly, that’s progress.

White, black, who the hell cares? It’s his idiocy that makes me want to punch his face in, not his skin.

“Hey, Spiderman! Where you goin’, Spiderman?! Yeah, gettin’ the girl, savin’ the day! Go, Spiderman!”

Gaaaah. Somebody shoot him. Or me. I’m ambivalent at this point.

What’s the colour of his skin got to do with his behaviour?
What has the advert got to do with race relations?

In what way does this make him “spastic”?

Moronic rant of the day.

I didn’t really think of his race when I saw that ad. I thought of his age and gender. It’s NOT the way a man in his 30s (?) should be behaving. But he was. In public. Men are such babies, aren’t they? :wink:

Yeah, I also don’t get the “race relations” bit. That commercial would be just as asinine no matter who performed in it, although it doesn’t make the guy a “tool.” Jobs are scarce for working actors, and commercials pay well.

The race of the actor is irrelevant to the insipidity of the ad.

What the fuck? If you saw anything racial in that, you’re on crack. He’s acting like the stereotypical guy who’s into his toys. That’s all. If you want to talk about what it says about gender relations now, you might have a case:)

What about other Best Buy ads? Don’t they have white guys, white gals, kids etc. Does Best Buy hate everyone? :confused:

Ms. Undhow tells me I get the same look in my eye as the Best Buy guy when I see a new video game in the store (though I do refrain from giving a shout-out to the characters in the game), and I’m dangerously close to 30. :slight_smile:

No actually, just their customers…

I feel bad because I like that commercial. Especially at the end when there’s the monstor and the man says (from a-far), “Go handle that, Spiderman” or something like that.

Oh yeah, that’s right blacks can’t be gamers, or technology geeks, or comic book geeks or … now where is that list of how black men are allowed to be represented?

Aww. I think he’s adorable. I also think the girl poppin’ and lockin’ in that Mitsubishi ad is cute. What can I say? I must have a thing for annoying commercial characters.

You’re not talking about the guy in the Jockey commercial, are you? 'Cause if you are, then I will not stand by idly while you defame the father of any future children I have! In my dreams we are both getting jiggy with it and I can do the cabbage patch without looking like a spaz.

I don’t understand why some people are offended by a hot black guy dancing in a K- Mart commercial but are not offended by a white guy doing the exact same thing in a Gap commercial.

FTR, I believe that hot guys of all races dancing in their underwear are underrepresented in TV ads. We must have MORE half-naked hot guys in commercials.

Have to agree with gobear here. As in many other occupations (perhaps most?), when you choose to be an actor you know that not every job that comes along is going to be lucrative and flattering to your abilities. If you’re an actor, not every role will be worthy of a Sundance film festival award. If you want to make ends meet, you often have to whore yourself off to companies like Best Buy and make an idiot of yourself in their commercials.

The only people who i think are deserving of “tool” status are the big name, multi-millionaire actors who still feel the need to burden us with their presence in awful advertising campaigns. What’s even worse is all those big stars who want their Western audience to think they are too professional for the sleazy world of advertising, yet pull in big bucks doing stupid commercials in Japan. What’s worse, these self-important wankers then do everything possible to prevent Western audiences from even hearing about their Oriental exploits. Story here, and website showing some of these Japanese commercials here (this site seems to have a rather slow server; the videos take a while to load).

I don’t think the race is an issue either. But the commercial is horridly annoying.
How many times does one man need to say “Spiderman” in 10 seconds? And it’s not even “Spiderman”; he says “Spidah-maan”.

The underman is doing friggin bunnyhop. And he’s in his underwear. The white guy at least has some real choreography in his moves and the background music is cool.

sigh I meant underwear man.