That Canadian SWAT team on Flashpoint is so sweet!

*Really they are so kind and gentle. They feel all the pain of the perpetrators as well as the victims. That’s a lot of people, because they seem to get called out for any crime more serious than jaywalking. And they hardly ever kill anyone, and never more than one per episode, and they seem so sad when they do.

Clearly they need lessons in ass kicking and name taking from an American SWAT team. They clearly know how to use guns, but they are really fuzzy on the when and why parts – which any American TV and movie SWAT fan can tell you is “every day” and “to kill bad guys and save the wasted time and money of a trial.”

They took on this whole army of white supremacists, and didn’t kill a one of 'em! When they arrest somebody, they generally don’t beat them to the ground before putting cuffs on them. And lots of times they don’t even use cuffs on the bad guys who ended up cooperating with them. And they let them talk to their spouses and children before taking them away to justice.

And the two lead actors/cops are BOTH bald!

I mean, REALLY, Canada!

That is all.

*Been watching the show on Netflix streaming. Pretty good actually.

As a Canadian, I’m kinda weirded out by the recent crop of Canadian-made shows that don’t pretend to be set in Seattle or Chicago or something. Flashpoint, The Listener, Continuum, probably one or two more. It’s all Toronto and Vancouver all of a sudden, as though all of Hollywood North suddenly decided to start setting their shows in Canada for some reason. I don’t get it.