That can't be good...

Maybe this kid should have read the penis appreciation thread…

or maybe we should add a tongue appreciation thread??

I want some of that tea.

I’ll be fine since I don’t have a penis.

Must’ve sucked after comming down from that high.

“I did what?”


Understatement of the year contender:

Switch the reattachments. Maybe then he’ll leave them alone.

Man, and I thought I was clipping my toenails or something. Doh.

Oh man!
Poor kid just F’d up his life big time just because he wanted to get high.

Is anyone else hearing Afroman besides me?

Wasn’t gonna cut off my schwantz… but then I got high…

No tongue and a Eunuch? Time to hit the want ads for harem attendants.

So much for his dating appeal.

Imagine the looks he’ll get in the post office as he’s affixing stamps and sealing envelopes.

When asked for a comment, the student was heard to say “Mmeffth mmeffth, mmeffth mmeffth-mmeffth-mmeffth…”

Um…if you ever want to borrow one, my email address is in my profile.

And how come nobody’s used the ol’ ;j yet?

No kidding. I can’t wait for him to stand in a bakery window and lick his lips.

I hope he at least cut the tongue off first, and gave himself a tongue job.

Ewwwww ick ick ick ick i c k

Wasn’t there another similar thread recently? I’m pretty sure I remember reading about a guy (might even have been in Germany) who got high and cut off his penis and ate it. Like within the last couple of weeks. Anybody?

Ahhh did you have to bring that up again? One of the most disturbing stories I’ve ever read…