That Famous Scene in "SERGEANT YORK"

One of my favorite old movies is “SERGEANT YORK”, with Gary Cooperin the starring role.You may recall that early in the movie, York is portrayed as a drinking man…he goes o a saloon that is built across the Kentuckey-Tennessee state line. The bartender cannot serve York a drink in Tennessee,so he motions him over to Kentuckey, where he pours York a drink.
Is this factual? Did Tenessee have statewide prohibition in 1917? And, CAN you build a bar/nightclub that starddles a state border (to take advantage of differing laws)? :cool:

There may not have been state-wide prohibition in Tennessee in 1917, but there certainly could have been dry counties.

As to whether or not a bar can straddle a state line, I don’t see why not. In Colonial Beach, VA the pier extends out into the Potomac River. At the end of the pier is a bar that has gambling (slot machines). Slot machines are illegal in VA, but not in MD (which is where the bar is physically located - the state boundary is the mean high tide on the VA side of the river).

The Florida-Bama bar does sit on the state lines. It is a great place right on the beach. I can’t remember what the drinking laws are in each state, but I think that the bar did take advantage of the diffrent laws. I was just too loaded to clearly remember.

There is a hotel called the Cal-Neva Resort built on the border of California and Nevada. It has a casino built on the part that is in Nevada. Frank Sinatra owned it once, but he lost his gambling license because of his connections to organized crime.