That first acceptance letter always gets you...

I’m putting in my law school applications, like a good fourth-year college student, and I’m waiting on the acceptances and rejections right now.

The first one came today, and Baylor Law School has decided that I’m getting a full-tuition scholarship.

Suddenly, I’m considering moving to Waco. It’s a doozy of a first acceptance.

Congratulations! I just got an acceptance letter to my top-choice medical school today, and I’ve been bouncing all over the place. :smiley:

Hey, congrats! It’s always good to be excited. :wink:

Congrats to both of you!

My daughter was accepted to her safety school before she heard from her first choice. In fact, we knew from the website that she was accepted at her first choice school before the letter came.

She’ll be starting at the University of Central Florida in August.

congratulations! there’s nothing quite like the first one… i’m a college freshman and i got my first acceptance while i was out of the country, but it was still such a great feeling… all of a sudden there’s somewhere you can go.

one of my best friends in the world just got into harvard the other day and he told me before he let anyone know he’d even opened the email telling him, and it was the hardest thing in the world to act like i didnt know! it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. CELEBRATE!

I’m waiting on letters from vet schools. The earliest possible notification (my top choice) will come in mid-January. One of the schools I applied to interviews through March, so who knows when that decision will come. Congratulations to everyone who got in. I hope I have the same luck, though the statistics are not encouraging.

Thank you everyone! :smiley: Congratulations to you too aaaaaarrgg, and good luck beegirl13!

I’m waiting for letters from the 3 pharmacy schools I have applied to…I’m holding my breathe, and praying…a lot :wink:

A friend got into Georgetown and U of Chicago today, which makes for a pretty good day. I got no mail today, so I have to wait until Monday when I can check online.

I remember when I got my acceptance letter. It is always a great rush. Congrats to everyone.

BTW Ace309, where else did you apply?

I just got accepted to University of Arizona. Tucson’s a bit small, but I like the school and I like the city anyway (and I’ve heard they throw awesome raves out there–I’ve never been to one, although I’ve raved a couple times and really enjoyed it).

Congratulations to everyone else who got accepted to schools–especially aaaaaarrgg, I love Northwestern and I love Chicago and Evanston! I’ve been rethinking it because my GPA is a bit low to get in, and also, I have enough trouble with a normal homework load and have heard from my friends who go there that they really pile it on you there. I’m probably going to look into some other Chicago schools with late app deadlines, though, because I love the city. Of course, it may end up being too late, what with it being mid-December and all. Oh well.

Jesleigh: May I ask what requirements you had to fulfill for pharmacy school? What schools did you apply to? I want to be a pharmacist also. I completed a year program to be a pharmacy tech and now I’m hooked. I love pharmacy! I looked into some school and one is 30,000 a year. I’m afraid I don’t have the money. Did you get a scholarship?

Johns Hopkins!

Way too many places, xayoz. I know it’s generally accepted that anything over six is a gigantic waste of money, but a lot of schools waived my application fee and my folks were willing to foot the bill at any school I was only applying to to get them off my back.

The important ones to me are Hofstra, Georgetown, Syracuse and Columbia.

In general, that depends on the schools your apply to. Most schools require an associates of science degree, but a lot are moving towards a bachelor’s degree. Most schools will have their requirements on their websites

I have applied to Auburn University and Samford, the only two pharmacy schools in Alabama. I also applied to University of Florida, just to give myself more options.

Not yet, but I’m hopeful :wink:

My email is if you have any more specific questions. I’ll try to answer them, if I can.

Wonderful news all around; congratulations, Ace309. I’m looking at law schools, and I’ve got a slew of letters “inviting me to apply” with application fees waived, but a few weeks ago I got one from a school I hadn’t even applied to (but where my cousin is a student) that up-front offered me $10K a year. I kinda doubt that I’ll go there, but boy, that was flattering.

Wow! Congratulations everybody!

Hey fetus, I see you are from San Diego, but if you think Tuscon is small, heheh . . . hehehhehh. . . heh. :smiley:

Actually, I kinda liked Tuscon after a few visits. T’was good to see a big town again.