THAT Guy Said "Friggin'"

But he doesn’t know the territory!


Primitive, yes. They didn’t know what they had, but outside of Square Dance calling, they didn’t know what they had!

It was a pre-cursor of rap dammit! :slight_smile:

I love that musical!

And especially love this version of this beautiful song from that same film:

I love you guys.

So much.


Take a look!

“Make a right-hand star!”


Used to watch my German Mom/American Dad dancing with her petticoat just a-flyin’!

This was in 1954 , not long after WWII.

She didn’t understand all the instructions, but my Dad led her through all of it, and she was beautiful as she danced with him!

I miss them both so much, but they visit me in my dreams every now and then, and my Dad looks so handsome in his uniform and my Mom so pretty in her gown…

Thanks for reading this.

I know it’s mundane, but today was Dad’s birthday and the day we used to do our “drum battle”, and he ALWAYS beat the shit out of me on his Slingerlands!

We used to do drum solos sitting across from each other.

Him with his Slings and me with my Luds.

My Dad is probably STILL doing 10 stroke rolls even as I write this.

Godamm, couldn’t that man beat some skins?


He said, “firkin” (a measurement of beer).

But it’s a great song from one of the greatest of all musicals.

Whatta ya’ talk, whatta ya talk, whatta ya talk, whatta ya talk?:slight_smile:

Guess I stand corrected by RealityChuck

Sure wish it had been friggin’ (“In the riggin’”) though!:):):slight_smile: