That horrible disgusting Abanian Dwarf is gonna be made a saint


The Catholic church is gonna applaud this vile albanian dwarf with their greatest honour?

This two faced cow, hypocritical bitch is gonna elevated to their highest rank this organisation can give?

When my niece was doing her year out working as resident in hospital in calcutta, her and her workmates biggest problem was fighting off the albanian dwarf’s entreaties to the patients to come to her faculty ( can’t say hospital) and live or die at the word of the lord.
Not one cent or centavo donated n to that witch was spent on the poor and sick.

No medicine or food. all spent on her opening her own nunneries

The Church doesn’t “reward” anyone with sainthood. God does that. The Church merely recognizes that which has already been found to be true.

That’s the teaching, anyway. I’m sure an actual Catholic will be along shortly to elaborate.

No need for context, names, links, or anything of that sort.

We all completely know about whom you are referring.

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Mother Theresa.

While I don’t like using dwarf as part of insulting her, I agree with the sentiment and had the same reaction when I read the news today.

Nah, the Church was created by Man, any awards they bestow are also created by Man.

Curious to know what being Albanian has to do with it.

Considering the RCC has suspended their Devil’s Advocate, and reduced the # of needed miracles for sainthood to just 1, I’m surprised it took this long to get her a halo. Christopher Hitchens has acquainted us most skillfully with this holy woman who took money from thieves and reprobates, to ostensibly fund her clinics for the poor. MT sure had one heckuva’ public relations team. JPII should be bringing up the rear in due course.

Yup the dwarf description was not acceptable, I apologise

I refuse to call her “mother” and her name is actually Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

But I will loudly proclaim her as a hypocrite liar and sycophant.

The catholic church nowadays doesn’t have the devils’s advocate system within their canonisation process so its easier to get scumbags like Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu into their legion nof honour

One might presume the OP is concerned that the vile dwarf in question might be confused with another similarly vile dwarf of a different nationality.

More likely, of course, is that akin to how everything looks like a nail when one is holding a hammer, everything resembles an epithet when one is angry.

For a minute I thought some other vile woman was in the running.

Guess it is sorta good news that its the same old one and not a new one.

I was born and raised Catholic, and was always taught that she was one of the good guys. If you tell me I was misled by the Church, I wouldn’t be surprised…but what’s with the anger towards her? I genuinely plead ignorance here.

I understand that the Church would beg to differ.

Look at this way, a lot of “saints”, Cyril of Alexander, for example, have been scumbags. Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu easily falls within his company and not with saints who actually did things to help people.

Would someone list the vile transgressions committed by the woman commonly known as Mother Teresa. I hate working out what a Pitting OP SHOULD be.

She took large (multi-millions we believe) in donations that people gave thinking it would help the poor, sick, and hungry. In truth only extreme miniscule amounts of that money was used for that purpose. The “clinics” she opened did not treat their people properly. For example, they did not provide pain killers for people dying in horrendous pain despite being well able to afford them. Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu told them the pain was “God’s kisses”. However, when Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu needed medical attention herself, she wasted no time checking into the Mayo Clinic. If there is a hell, the Devil is kissing her there.

My understanding and I’m very much open to correction is that she had no problems accepting donations from ideologically troubling people and she believed very strongly in the idea that suffering glorifies god and the people in her care received substandard care as a result.

I’m willing to chalk this up as a statement about the sort of people the Catholic Church is willing to accept as role models and leave it at that.

@bobot, seriously , and i give no opinion here, do catholics here think that M theresa’s canonisation lessens the catholic churches credibility or you think they have recognized a true saint.

I will add that I am atheist my brain is not wired to believe in deities.

But I am seriously interested in how christians believe in the merits or otherwise of M Theresa
Damn I just noticed that my OP has been moved to the PIT. I want serious replies from believers n non believers not just a fuckfest. Mods keep n eye plesae

Huh? They canonized him not quite 2 years ago.

I don’t consider myself a Catholic anymore, I simply don’t believe in a lot of the things I was taught. The Catholics in my life, however, pretty much think that Mother Theresa walked on water- if you’ll pardon the analogy, and have considered her to be pretty saintly already.