That idiot on the freeway...

with the fuel-filler door open, and the gas cap swinging in the wind? Well, that was me.


Don’t you just hate when the neighbor kids play around your car like that? I’ve never left the gas cap off, it’s always those darn kids! Can’t keep em off the lawn either. :smiley:

That’s ok. That was me pointing and laughing at you.

I just bought a new car, and according to the owner’s manual, the proper term for that thing that holds the gas cap on is a ‘Gas Cap Tether.’
I always called it an Idiot Strap. Just thought you’d wanna know.

Don’t be surprised if your “Check Engine” light comes on. :slight_smile:

The lowest I. Q. I’ve seen expressed on the freeways involved open-bed trucks, which can and do drop refuse on the freeways–more dangerous because of the speed of all vehicles involved. :frowning:
(According to Caifornia law, the only substances one can legally drop on highways is feathers from live poultry, and clear water.)

Hee. The other day on the freeway there was this mid-life crisis guy in his mid-life crisis sports car, weaving through traffic and being a general asshole, cutting people off then accelerating, then braking, etc. The whole time his gas flap was open, and the gas cap was gone. It put a smile on more than one face I suspect.


A coupla weeks ago, it was us. Stuff happens…

Serves him right, Ghanima. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, that idiot on 34 in the minivan, that the back hatch popped open on and he lost a big package of paper towels and a bag of dog food - was that you too?

Because then I’m sorry I laughed my ass off… :smiley:

C’mon, how stupid do you think I am? Besides, we don’t have any pets…

Hey, one time I went to fill up and found the gas cap missing, it wasn’t my fault. It was my mechanic, who hadn’t bothered to put it back on. This was the second time I’d gone there. The first time, they took off and threw away my personalized license plate holder. You can read about it here.

I don’t take my cars there anymore.

Could be worse, like an idiot i saw a couple weeks ago driving towards me in the opposite lane (closest gas station was at least 5 Mi. away) with the handle and hose from a gas pump hanging out of his fuel-filler door…

hah, beat that one :wink:

Don’t forget to stuff it in and zip it up after you are done as well.

without breaking a sweat… i work for a certain motoring organisation in the uk dealing with breakdown calls. a couple from my personal experience…

the caller reporting their car on fire… because he had driven it into a bonfire… where it still was… and called us because he wanted us to check the car was ok to drive… he got most upset when i told him he would have to call the fire brigade… :wally

the caller who couldn’t get her car to start… because she was in the wrong car… :wally

the caller who filled the petrol tank of his Smart car with water… because he thought it didn’t need petrol…

any advance?

Aww, man, what am I gonna do with my monkies?

Monky stew?

So I have to pour my beer out into the ditch?

I was referring to my special poo-flinging monkeys

I guess so…
(The rationale of the law is that it is impossible to keep live poultry fully enclosed, and clear water will evaporate. Beer, on the other hand, leaves a residue when it dries; pour beer on the floor and wait until the spot dries; it’ll either be sticky and bring ants, or slippery and likely cause someone to fall. In any case, such residue doesn’t belong on the street. (The same with monkey roadkill.) :smiley:
As for the gas pump nozzle: I went to high school in the 60s with a guy who has run his own station in Torrance, CA, for at least 25 years. I happened to be at the station when some customer started his/her car and foprgot to take the nozzle out! The force of the car’s motion tore the nozzle off the hose and the attendant shut the pump off. This could be a fire hazard, of course. :eek: :frowning: