Hi Morgenstern, and all my friends from GQ.

Morgenstern, you cannot be that f**king stupid. You would have stopped driving, called the shop, been without a car for several days, all because you could not get this little light out of your mind. A light that in no way affects your car.

Yikes, a word with 7 letters in the post above. I hope you can handle it.

It was late, last night, I was feeling something wasn’t right …

How 'bout a link, goddamnit?!

It seems Ol’ Hank had some car troubles as well.

The link

I’ve been a member here for a week short of 5 years. In all that time, until tonight, I’ve never called another member an idiot.

Here is the original thread.

I’ll spare you reading that whole thread. The short version is, dauerbach is an idiot and an asshole who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He is either too cheap or too stupid, or both, to maintain his car properly, and he’s driving around with a busted catalytic converter because he ignored his check engine light. The fact that this means his old piece-of-shit is now spewing way more pollutants than it has to does not bother him, because emissions regulations are bullshit and he doesn’t care. He was an asshole to numerous knowledgeable people who attempted to correct his ignorance over 3 pages in GQ. And, something about the government.

dauerbach, you deserve to go live in a place where everyone thinks like you do. Air pollution from motor vehicles is still a big deal. People who live in big cities are still something like 50% more likely to die of lung disease and related ailments, almost entirely because of motor vehicle emissions. This is despite all the progress on emissions reduction made in the past 30 years that you are dismissing.

If you can’t afford to keep your car maintained to the minimum standard required to minimize emissions, take the fucking bus.

I sense a classic boomerang OP…and blood in the water. This is not going to end well…



dauerbach deserves to live in a place where people fart in his face repeatedly for as long as he drives around with his piece of shit car spewing pollution. He also deserves an apology from his mother for drinking paint while she was pregnant, another one from the obstetrician who yanked him by the head, and a hard kick in the knob simply for being a douchebag.

That last statement is just to stupid to respond to.

Reading some other replies I see now why I have never posted here before. I thought this would be filled with mean spirited buy intelligent comments, not a run of bottom of the barrel jokes that were never ever funny.

I’m beginning to wonder if those tailpipe emissions from your car aren’t entering the passenger compartment as you drive. That might explain some of your problem.

Well, I’m going to thank Absolute for that accurate synopsis even though it didn’t come to my eyes in time to spare me the bummer of watching you (dauerbach) splash and flop around in the willful ignorance pool.

Maybe those who come after me will reap the benefits. Somebody get me a towel. Ugh.

I think i understand what the willful ignorance pool is. It sucks to be at the deep end of the gene pool, splashing around, rather than coming to visit you on the damp sand on your side.

As are you.

Wow. I don’t want to ride in dauerbach’s car or go to his hospital after reading that thread.

Ladies and gentlemen, dauerbach is giving you all an excellent learning opportunity. If you are unfamiliar with the Dunning Kruger effect, his posts in the original thread provide one of the best examples the world has ever seen.

Two things I get out of the GQ thread and this:

  1. dauerbach is an idiot who treats his car poorly, and is potentially a criminal with his willful actions of ignoring emissions problems.

  2. There are some really good mechanics, and I know where I will go the next time my old Mustang is acting up (a car where you have to sweet talk the Holley, swap out the plugs regularly, etc.).

In a world where it costs $1 to $5 to inflate a tire, everything regarding cars can be wrapped up in two words: Bend over.

Wow. Never before have I seen someone so stupid and unfunny complain about other people being stupid and unfunny in such a stupid and unfunny way.

Not to mention that he somehow conflates the willful ignorance pool with the gene pool.
My place in which may be debatable, but you’re a freakin’ doctor?!