Hi Morgenstern, and all my friends from GQ.

Oh, everyone’s a doctor on the internet.

Ok, that it explains it. Doctors often can’t understand why the physical world does not comform to their godly powers. But you’re just approaching it from your own point of view, out at the edge of the universe, merely looking inward toward the center, whereas he has the advantage of the opposing perspective.

I knew David Dunning when we were at Cornell, which is a beautiful cow college in New York State. He was laughed at then. We couldn’t believe it when he won the Noble prize, even if it was the one started by Al’s brother Ig.

That fits perfectly, and I wasn’t aware there was a name for it so I have learned something today. Previously I would just have described Daurbach as too dumb to know he was dumb.

The average internet user has an IQ of 147 and a 9 inch penis.

I don’t usually comment on pittings in any meaningful way (snarky asides aside), but dauerbach, you need to pit yourself for your postings in that thread. I’ve never made note of your posting history before so I have no idea if you’re always such an inconsiderate nincompoop. Maybe you had a seizure of some kind?

You requested and received a shitload of information presented in a useful and courteous manner. The suggested solutions to your problem, offered at no cost to you and with clarity and concern for your welfare, apparently did not please you, so you whined and stomped your feet like a toddler and started spewing insults like a drunken, less articulate version of Gordon Ramsey. You owe Morgenstern and Rick and all of the other posters in that thread an apology for your incoherent douchbaggery and for making them waste time and energy trying to keep you from destroying your car.

Yeah, WTF is with the pittings without links these days?

I endorse Absolute’s entire post except this part. Take a taxi. People on the bus already deal with more than their share of whiny bitches.

A couple of things.
First off Mr. Hertz has so many fucking cars he has been known to rent some of the son of a bitches out. For a reasonable rate even. if dauerbach works in a hospital based on what they charge their is no doubt in my mind that he could afford it.
Secondly if anyone wants to know the one thing that keeps the service manager’s job from being awesome the linked thread is exhibit A. unfortunately his entitled attitude is far too common.
::: sigh::: Oh well

I thought it just painted him as tight as a fishes arsehole.

Given the amount of energy and raw materials it takes to produce a new car, recommending that someone buy a new one rather than continue to run an old one, even one that is polluting more than allowed, is somewhat dubious on environmental grounds.

Cars with bad emission problems will contribute to local pollution, but the manufacture of unnecessary new cars is a massive resource drain. Pick your side, I guess, but being on a high horse either way seems a bit silly.

I am chivalrous and a level 30 paladin! I want to win the Noble prize!

Your willful ignorance with regard to the importance of minimizing vehicle emissions - to the point of insisting “there’s nothing wrong,” when your vehicle may be spewing dozens of times the normal amount of noxious pollutants - is breathtaking. Even with the widespread use of modern emissions controls on vehicles, many American cities still suffer from air quality problems; your failure to keep your car in good repair so as to minimize your own emissions reveals you to be a very selfish person who refuses to look anywhere beyond his own interests, instead opting to play out the tragedy of the commons. State-mandated smog checks exist because of people like you; instead of just paying to keep ours car in good state of repair, now people pay tax dollars for an enforcement program - and we still have to pay to keep our cars in a good state of repair. Thanks, asshole.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Andy Bernard.

Did he actually say he was a doctor, or just that he worked in a hospital?

Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express…

Exactly what a sufferer of the Dunning-Kruger effect *would *do, eh? :smiley:

PS: Pretty much most of us here *have *heard of Cornell, you know…

Hardly. Andy is impressed that he went to Cornell. Me, not so much.

Sorry, there are thousands of colleges. I did not see any reason why most would have heard of this one.

This is either meta-humor or an example of the reverse Dunning-Kruger effect, where people who think something is hard or obscure think it’s hard or obscure for everyone.

I am missing something hear. Although Cornell has fantastic ice cream, a fenestrated cow, and some amazing buildings, it is still just a New York State land grant college.

Should have picked my alma mater, College Misericordia. Now there’s a school no one’s heard of :cool: