Official duffer bashing thread

OK, bring it on.

For the past few months I’ve learned to make more coherent arguments, (even if most don’t agree with them). But they are better than what I’ve posted 6 or 8 months ago.

Even if you hate what I post, I try to be quick and to the point. And, often, flippant and glib. Hardly a detriment to to the SDMB from what I’ve seen.

As many have probably seen, I’ve posted some OP’s that got responses ranging from “what an asshole” to “He may have a point, in some convoluted way”. I have no problem with this, as I don’t assume to have any answers. Just my opinion as all have in certain threads. I’ve had a couple of OP’s recently where I’ve taken arguments that were well explained, and because of them, I’ve rethought my original position. (Yay ignorance-busters!)

Now to defend myself. No, I’m not under 30. Yes, I have been accepted to Mensa. No, I have no common sense as long as you’re counting a message board. Yes, I have a college degree.

That said, I’m sure there is much shit ready to be flung my way. (yes, flung isn’t a word, just getting it in before you)

So go ahead. I’ll try to defend myself.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Democrat party?

Oh man, nasty history coming up.

Yes, I was a supporter of Mondale. (Though to be fair I loved Reagan, got caught up in my mom’s politics and was 8 years old at the time). FWIW, I convinced her of the Bush platform and she voted that way.

(To all Dems, she’s dead now, so please refrain from any insults to her)

Jesus H. Christ.

Any other bombs to drop here? Have a collection of dead hobos buried in the basement? Did you just barely escape being tried at the Nurenberg trials? Play puppy-football on the weekends?


What was it that attracted you, his youth and inexperience?

I thought you were a bit evasive in Global Warming: Sell me, continually attempting to change the subject when confronted with the hard data from the IPCC. Eventually you conceded, but even then only by remarking that you were already sold simply by virtue of the fact that the Ice Age had ended. However, the fact that you did eventually accept that global warming might well come from anthropogenic forcing does you credit.

Did you feel you were being as intellectually honest as you could have been?

My question concerns the topic, “people paying attention to you”.

Would you say you are more needy than demanding, or more demanding than needy?

Duffer … Duffer … Sorry, name doesn’t ring a bell.

In line with RTA’s sage question, I would suggest that you emulate one other recent arrivee, Seeking Attention at the boards, and look for attention in every single thread you can, rather than open up one single thread demanding attention. In this way you will maximize your exposure.

Perhaps then you will be able to have most threads turn into an intervention about your needs, style and issues. Don’t forget to personalize by naming other posters repeatedly. Make sure you announce your efforts to get in touch with others off the boards. I’m sure it will be just as fun to read about your zany adventures all over the place as well.

Although you may have a point, in some convoluted way, all I can think is, “what an asshole”.

Just kidding.

Actually, you seem to be one of the more easily excitable posters around here. Do you ever look around (IRL, not just on the boards) and wonder “why does everyone else seem so calm about everything?”

El_Kabong, I presume you are directing that to duffer?

::cocks head markedly to one side:: “Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?” et cetera, et cetera.

Let’s see…Mondale…1984 presidential race…2004 - 1984…scribble…20 years ago…8 years old…scribble

Something does not compute.

Sharon Stone is also in Mensa. What, exactly is your point? I can name of 65 people on this board smarter than you without taking a breath.

jarbabyj, I don’t believe **duffer **ever claimed he was the smartest one here…or anywhere for that matter. I think he was trying to illustrate that he is not a dumbass or moron as he will surely be called just by virtue of his being of the more conservative turn of mind.

And i think that jarbaby was making the point that qualifying for Mensa is really no indication of whether or not you can make intelligent contributions to this message board.

Personally, i’ve always thought that the fact that someone would actually join Mensa says more about their intelligence than the fact they qualified in the first place.

thank you Mhendo, exactly.

mhendo, I see your point. However, I don’t think that a person’s being willing to join (or even desireous of joining) Mensa in any way invalidates his positions on issues at large.

For my I own part, duffer, I have no problems with you. In fact, I imagine that we could hang out IRL and get along just fine. As long as we never ever ever ever ever bring up politics. 'Cause then I’d have to bitch slap you a few times.

You presume correctly.

When did “flung” stop being a word and why haven’t I received an updated dictionary?