Mr Dibble: What Kind of Crazy Is He?

As a debater, Mr. Dibble has a rather unpleasant MO. He takes people’s words, twists them beyond recognition, interprets them in the worst, most uncharitable way possible, and then acts as though he’s divined his opponent’s only real meaning. He is, to put it bluntly, a smarmy, dishonest piece of fuck.

Case in point. In the ridiculous GD Netflix thread I posted the following:

Consider the bolded ‘someone’. What is the race of that someone? In the GD thread, as it turns out, the ‘someone’ was a black man. A black man at Netflix complained that a white man had said nigger, even though he said it in an anti-racist context.

However, it should be obvious that if the ‘someone’ had been white, or asian, or anything else, I would still feel the same way. It should be obvious that I’m not attacking the complainant’s race, I’m attacking their oversensitivity, and oversensitivity is a character trait that can be present in anyone of any race.

So, you might think what I said was stupid, or illogical, but it’s pretty clearly not racist, right? Well, not according to Mr. Dibble. In the equally ridiculous Pit Wypipo thread, Mr. Dibble wrote:

Mr Dibble is alleging two things:

  1. When I said ‘culled for the good of the herd’, I was being 100% serious.

  2. When I said people who complain about racist language regardless of context are “too thin skinned to survive in the modern world and should probably be culled for the good of the herd”, the fact that this description happened, in this particular instance, to be applicable to a black Netflix executive means it could only ever be applicable to black people.

In response, I am alleging three things:

  1. I wasn’t being serious. Of course I don’t literally want to see people murdered for being too sensitive. What the fuck?
  2. Again, what the fuck?
  3. Mr. Dibble is a lying, dishonest piece of shit.

First question for the group: How did Mr. Dibble characterise my initial comment?

A) Fairly.
B) Unfairly.
C) I don’t care. This is all stupid and you both suck.

If you could restrict your answers to A or B, I’d appreciate it. C is pretty much given at this point.

Anyway, moving on. I was pretty outraged that Mr. Dibble had, with a straight face, accused me of wanting to lynch black people for being uppity. I then posted the following:

Did this cross the line? In retrospect, yes. Mr. Dibble may look like the kind of skeevy fuck who would bribe a gaggle of emaciated street urchins to pee on his face in a back alley behind an Arby’s and then run away without paying them, but I probably shouldn’t have pointed it out. However, in my defence, I was pretty fucked off about being called a massive racist who wants to lynch uppity black people, so I may have let my temper get away from me a little.

Here’s how Mr. Dibble characterised my little faux pas:

For the unfamiliar, doxxing is when a person digs up private information about someone (ie. their address, phone number, or place of employment) and posts it publicly for the purpose of facilitating their harassment. Doxxing is a pretty serious allegation. It’s a bannable offence in most places.

Second question for the group: Did my posting Mr. Dibble’s picture count as doxxing?

I contend that it’s not doxxing for one simple reason: Mr. Dibble put the picture online himself in the Straight Dope Picture Thread specifically so other people could see what he looks like. Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed out that he looks like the kind of guy who would roofie a twelve year old’s ice-cream (or that he looks like how a wet fart through a trombone sounds, or that he looks like he could glum the sparkle off a diamond) but I didn’t have to go hunting around for his picture. It may have been a dick move, but it’s not doxxing.

Now, I’ve tried explaining both these things to Mr. Dibble, but it’s like trying to explain to a bluebottle that the window’s open. I’m not having any luck. That’s why I’ve created this thread, so we can try and explain it to him together. Also, so we can figure out once and for all if Dibble is crazy and, if so, what kind of crazy is he? Is he always this insanely dishonest? And most importantly of all, why is he such a fucking prick?

This is one of those “I have no energy to look into the heart of your complaint,” so I’m not commenting on this dispute – but I’ve always liked MrDibble.

And his pic is awesome. Calling him a child molester-looking guy is pretty disgusting.

ETA: And I will add that your thread suggesting that NFL players shouldn’t protest, but buy body cameras for black men, was really offensive.

I like MrDibble. I’ve had some disagreements with him, some that got quite argumentative. He has his flaws, but who doesn’t. Still, he brings a valuable perspective and a decent amount of knowledge to the table.

You, otoh, are an idiot. And a jerk. I don’t expect your time here will be a lengthy one.

It was a lousy Pitting before you started shitting on his picture. Now I’ll just assume you’re a colossal fool, and I’ll keep that in mind when I come across your posts.

MrDibble is a good guy with excellent taste in music.

Ok, so I had some time to kill and I looked through the Netflix thread. My take is that MrDibble was staking out a position that was controversial, to be sure, but generally making as good a run as anyone typically does on this board on explaining and suporting his position.

Then you, Jake Bullet – Asshole Patrol drop in with this gem:


This was your first post in the thread. Mods steps in, you continue melting down, MrDibble responds in quite good spirits (when he obviously could have flown off the handle), you get a warning, he gets a scolding, and the thread goes to shit.

You are obviously the flaming asshole in this situation. It isn’t even debatable.

*"It was a lousy Pitting before you started shitting on his picture. "

“And his pic is awesome. Calling him a child molester-looking guy is pretty disgusting.”*

I’ve already admitted, it was a dick move. That’s not the issue. The issue is is it doxxing?

And you know what else is a dick move? Fucking libelling someone as pro-lynching. Which is what he did, and which is a hell of a lot worse, nastier, and more mean-spirited than making fun of a profile pic.


This is the hill on which you are making your last stand? Seriously?

Yeah. I would just love it if someone, anyone, simply answered the fucking question. Is it doxxing? Also, was Dibble’s characterisation of me as pro-lynching fair?

I know I’m a total asshole. That’s not in dispute. And after this thread, I’ll be done here. Promise. Thing is, whether or not I’m an asshole is not relevant to what Dibble did. Just for a moment, pretend that you (or someone you respect) had made a sweeping condemnation of oversensitive people only for Dibble to turn round and say you/they are pro-lynching. How would you feel?

So you started this whole thread to rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of the SDMB to being just sliiiightly less racist than MrDibble accused you of being?

Oh, just answer the question.

I don’t really know who you are. Nor have I read the Netflix thread. I’m just stopping in to note that Dibble is a pompous, preening jackass who is entirely too sure of himself as the most moral guy in the room. He is also one of the top three shrill, annoying scolds at the SDMB. He could look like Idris Elba and I’d still consider him an asshole.

Yes: you’re an idiot and an asshole.

Agreed. I’m an idiot. I’m an asshole. I kick puppies. All of that. Again, that’s not the fucking issue. There are TWO issues in this thread:

  1. When Dibble said I was pro-lynching, was he lying about what I said?
  2. When I made fun of his picture, was that doxxing?

These are yes or no questions. They shouldn’t be difficult, yet absolutely nobody has had the stones to fucking answer them. Just give it a go.

Dude, why in the world do you think any of us wants to play an asshole’s game according to the asshole’s rules? You’re in the pit, asshole; we decide what your Pit thread is going to be about, not you.

So you’re just going to let a malignant, lying bully get away with libelling people because you personally don’t like the guy he’s libelling.

Jesus. You people fucking suck. Can you honestly not see how dishonest and cliquey you’re being? It’s pathetic.

You do realize just how insanely stupid this all is, right?

Welcome to SDMB. Where your opinions count but nothing you say matters.

I discovered this too a while back, if your opinion doesn’t fit the groupthink you are automatically an asshole and a racist and a disgusting human being that has no morals.

Don’t let it discourage you though, there are decent people here too.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

I’m saying you’re a douchebag and I can’t be bothered to look into your complaint because you’re a douchebag. I have zero interest in you except as a possible source of amusement.

Mind you, I don’t have a whole lot of interest in Mr.Dibble either but he wasn’t the one who was dumb enough to start this Pit thread. So your attempts to draw some sort of equivalence between not giving a fuck about you with giving a fuck about him are way off-base.