Mr Dibble: What Kind of Crazy Is He?


He specifically put that picture there for people to see.

But making mean comments about peoples appearance is pretty shitty.


You could have meant they needed to be poisoned or shot or to fall off a Ferris Wheel in a comical way.

Holy shit, an actual Pit thread. We get these so rarely! As a reward to the OP for posting something not-boring in the Pit, I’ll answer his questions.

  1. I’ll say no, he wasn’t lying. He characterized your posts in an overly negative way to cast you in a negative light, but that’s not the same as lying, IMO. You said a lot of dumb stuff, people will sometimes summarize dumb stuff…uncharitably.

  2. No, it wasn’t doxxing. It was, however, super creepy and weird. So, congrats, I guess?

And the reason your Pit thread isn’t going well, despite being rather eloquently written in places, is that you want to win some pedantic points that no one else cares about but you, while ignoring the larger issue that your views in general make you seem like kind of an asshole.

Haven’t read the linked thread, but on the basis of this one I’d mostly agree with Dibble. Here are the claims:

[INDENT]Jake Bullet - Traffic Control! is a giant racist. [/INDENT]

Disagree. David Duke is a giant racist. Jake Bullet is shitty little racist with no self-awareness.

[INDENT]Jake Bullet - Traffic Control! literally called for the lynching of Black Netflix executives[/INDENT]

This one is true though. It’s difficult (by which I mean easy) to think of any other interpretation of Jake’s remarks. What Jake didn’t do was seriously call for lynching. Because he’s not a giant powerful racist: he’s just another blowhard little racist shit on the internet without self awareness. But literally? Sure.
I hope that answers your questions Jake. We’re here to fight ignorance after all.

Anybody else see only the topic and think “Gee, this is already in the running for fastest reverse Pitting in board history!”?

You basically turned a normal but contentious debate into a Leeroy Jenkins-esque trainwreck

Wait…if you’re done here after this thread, why do you fucking care what anyone else thinks? Is this the beginning of your flounce out of here? Dare I dream?

Dibble doesn’t really bother me. He always flew under my radar on most things; noticed the name, but didn’t spark an immediate like or dislike (a status I would think most posters here would apply to me, as well…just mundane enough to interact with, but not a go-to guy when one needs an expert opinion).

You’ve always struck me as the youngest kid trying to get the attention of the grownups at Thanksgiving dinner.

Plus, Dibble has cool hair, in an “i want to be Adam Duritz for Halloween” kinda way.

Growing up in apartheid SA as a coloured* boy might make someone just a liiiitle bit wary when white people talk about racial issues. So Dibble might get a little abrasive at times, but I cut him all the slack he wants because I’m a milky white middle aged dude from Scandinavia, so steeped in privilege I wouldn’t know bigotry if it slapped me in the face.
*IIRC the Dibble self-identifies as, or was labeled coloured by the apartheid regime. I’m sorry if I didn’t get that right.
The OP on the other hand is a protruded, crusted asshole.

I like MrDibble. He gets a little carried away with parsing




when he replies to someone, but other than that, he’s a good guy.

You, on the other hand, are a reactionary crank. The OP was by far the most interesting thing you’ve ever contributed here. Everything else has amounted to farting in the wind in lieu of intelligent conversation.

As far as doxxing, MrDibble did say it was a “pathetic attempt” and I agree with that. It was pathetic.

Buh-bye now.

Just popping in to say that this was exactly how I meant my mention of doxing to be read. Not that it was actual doxing, but an underdeveloped child’s feeble essay at doxing, wildly flailing and reaching for the only online ammunition they stupidly think could hurt. As if I’d be ashamed of how I look in a picture I’d already happily shared with the Teeming Millions :rolleyes:

It did make me a little sad though - because it reminded me I no longer have that cool t-shirt. Luckily I can buy another. So now I’m happy again. Thanks, Jake!

I’ll leave the widdle wacist baby to their self-immolation now, just also wanted to add- thanks for all the kind words, people.

I did want to add one thing:

“Just joking” defense? Totally called it.

… says the Lifetime Member of the Steve Bannon Research Institute for Civil Rights.

Fascinating, I didn’t know such a group existed!

Save some straw and herring for others now.

The OP was TLDR, but you’re the douche who’s in favor of lynchings, right? Why should I give a fuck about what a pro-lynching racist has to say?

While I disagreed with MrDibble over a word he used, that doesn’t mean I don’t think he was entirely correct with his assessment of you. You were being a racist shithead, and he had every reason to call you out on that bullshit. That you think calling out racism is “crazy” says a lot about you.


That said, you seem like a leaky bag of medical waste. Applying the weighted score, the occasionally irritating bad-faith debater Mr. Dibble wins and you, the race-baiting socktroll—despite being correct on this one point—lose.

Please leave your sash with the exit door attendant.


I would FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL like the main point was that I was being an asshole, and I should maybe apologize for being an asshole rather than play twiddledicks over the specific way I was being an asshole.

I would FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL like maybe a clarification would be in order. “Sorry, I know that was a shitballs thing for me to say. I was, of course, joking, and don’t think anyone should be murdered for their opinion, except for literally everyone who objects to hyperbolic uses of the word ‘literally,’ but I still shouldn’t’ve said that, because, again, even making joking reference to murdering a black person in a thread about racism is a pretty fucked up thing to do.”

I would FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL like maybe compounding my ultradouchosity with a pit thread might be a move in the wrong direction.

And I would extra-super-duper FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL like I’d forever lost my right to condemn people for being oversensitive.

Damn, that is a pretty cool shirt, dude. (And the fact that the cows are both black AND white kind of makes it racially sensitive, you know? ;))

Mr Dibble > OP

OP xx ヽ(*´∀`)x

Dibble goes off the deep end occasionally. Far less than I do. He’s pretty much in the middle of the pack in that regard. Otherwise he adds a lot to the conversations.